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  • jjhallseven2 jjhallseven2 Apr 18, 2014 1:21 PM Flag

    Article about Lanza/ACTC

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    • ACTC has multiple SCNT patents but as Lanza states most are jumping on the ips bandwagon.

      IMO, i think SCNT will not see the light of day for a decade or so. When it finally does it will be only after scientists can create egg stem cell derivatives from any human(male or female). And at that point true individualized medicine will truly be possible. Until then BTX and ACTC will used existing ips/hesc progenitor ip to create 'off the shelf' cells for regen therapies.
      With that said, it is within BTX & ACTC interest to work together, whether through merger, acquisition or just partnering.

    • BTX and ACTC on same page. This news reiterates what Dr. West said in the last few minutes of his Needlham speech last week. Basically that IPS cell therapy/true individualized medicine is still decade/s away. Instead next gen stem therapies will predominantly be 'off the shelf '. Meaning that (progenitor)specific hESC derived lines will be isolated, purified, tweaked, frozen and delivered on a patient to patient basis.....THIS will be the basis for the first generation of regen therapies.
      Dr. West also mentioned that the notion of having an ips cell therapy each patients skin cells would have to go through the long and laborious process of isolation, purification, etc, THEN have to be presented for review by the FDA!....So basically this is impossible at this point. Dr. West goes on to say that there will also be no such thing as generic knock-offs of drugs like there is today. In order to replicate/copy a stem cell 'drug' product, companies would have to start the whole process from scratch and THEN again approved by FDA to boot.
      So it is now becoming clear that companies patenting hESC derived progenitor will likely be well positioned to deliver next gen regen 'off the shelf' stem products....and it might also help if you also own an extra-cellular matrix delivery product as well!

    • Good find. Thanks