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  • theresnobeachhere theresnobeachhere May 14, 2014 11:35 AM Flag

    Role In Income Inequality?

    US college degress:

    Asian 49%
    White 30%
    African-Aerican 19%
    Latini 13%

    Add in things like incarceration, single parent households etc and a pattern begins to be clear.

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    • Quite amusing that non of the Libroid drivel dared to even touch the stats and their likely role in income inequality. RD had the only sensible and pragmatic comment.

    • Income equality is not a worthwhile or productive goal. But equality of opportunity, in the sense that people are allowed to use their abilities and talents as they see fit, without artificial restrictions to entry and interference from the government is a worthwhile goal, and as a side product, it always produces more equality of income than would otherwise exist. And it produces more prosperity for more people. But the socialists/communists like are now running the white house and heading the senate do not like this, because it does not allow them to control everyone and enrich themselves so much as they can under a command control government. There is tremendous income inequality under command control government run economies because those in charge always help themselves to most of whatever is available. Just look at communist type regimes the world over. America is the shining light for equality for women, opportunities for minorities to prosper, and people to produce and pursue happiness as they see fit. Obama and gang are doing their best to obscure this, but it is true.(Consider their lie about a republican war on wormen their disparagement of Christianity while the muslim world makes second class citizens out of hundreds of millions of women, whereas Christianity has been the greatest liberator of women the world has ever seen).

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      • rodent38 is suffering an illusion that if only we had the right people in the WH and Senate we would have our utopia back. All would be honest and pure of thought and know how to apply just enough Govt. so that we all would be happy and in perfect harmony and agreement. rodent38 you are not only illusory but also suffering from amnesia. Bwahahahahahahaha

    • Theres, talk about income inequality, Warren Buffett's net worth in 2014 was $65B, and with the median family net worth, ages 45 - 54, at $117,900, something seems a bit askew, don't ya think? I mean Warren didn't work that much harder than the rest of us, I am sure of that, but he knew how to game the capitilist system. And there in lies the problem; INCOME INEQUALITY! Therefore the capitilist economic system needs to be highly regulated, if it is to work fairly for all involved in it. And thats why the RWNJ's are wrong in always going for deregulation, as deregulation is what caused the Great Depression of 1929, and Great Recession of 2008, and both times republicans were in office.

    • Blame the vast right wing conspiracy...the prog champions of the "little guy", is fighting hard to keep ya'll in chains, my crazy uncle Joe proudly informs the plantation.....bwahahahahahaha