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  • bielstreetwonder bielstreetwonder May 20, 2014 12:00 PM Flag


    OBAMA - so called american business concerns !

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    • J nicols sucks lwnjs or whatever he can wrap his lips around..Thanks!

    • Hey Biel,

      Let me know what do you think about these human studies that was performed by several of your revered LWNJ scientist's? Thanks!!!

      "Human studies
      A first examination of whether melanin based pigmentation plays a role in human aggression and sexuality (as seen in non-human animals), is to compare people of African descent with those of European descent and observe whether darker skinned individuals average higher levels of aggression and sexuality (with violent crime the main indicator of aggression). Internationally, we found Blacks are over-represented in crime statistics relative to Whites and Asians. In Canada, a government commission found that Blacks were five times more likely to be in jail than Whites and 10 times more likely than Asians (Ontario, 1996). In Britain, the Home Office (1999) found that Blacks, who were 2% of the general population, made up 15% of the prison population. In the US, Taylor and Whitney (1999) analyzed the FBI Uniform Crime Statistics and National Crime Victimization Surveys from the US Department of Justice and found that since record keeping began at the turn of the century and throughout the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, African Americans engaged in proportionately more acts of violence than other groups. Since victims’ surveys tell a similar story, the differences in arrest statistics cannot just be attributed to police prejudice."


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    • Apparently our most outspoken resident racist, Bielstreet, does not like American free enterprise and prosperity. Yet I suspect that he, even if he is poor by American standards, is one of the wealthiest persons on the face of the globe, when one considers all the abjectly poor around the world who live under the type of command control authoritarian government his idol, Obama, is trying so hard to establish here. It is a shame that so many economic and historical ignoramuses as Bielstreet are so filled with resentment and hostility that they cannot educate themselves enough to realize that America, though not perfect, is and always has been a beacon of light to the poor of humanity across the globe. He might contrast his life in americai with what it w ould be in many African nations such as, for example, Nigeria,, or what it would be if he were one of a people whose leader presides over a full fledged command control government that a communist like Obama dreams about, say North Korea , for instance.