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  • tony_montello2003 tony_montello2003 Jun 5, 2014 12:49 PM Flag

    ACTC Monter News: Dr. Lanza just cured MS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Let it be written,
    Dr. Tony Montello

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    • Well, it's been 7 months and they still haven't filed an 8k about this. Just wondering, are you a reverse psychic, or some kind of trigger for shorting?

    • ACTC DR. Lanza cures MS and Wipes it off the face of the earth. Dr. Lanza should give the cure away to whoever needs it. It would be the best marketing campaign the company could ever do. I mean really, if they will be able to cure everything (and it looks like it's stacking up in that direction), giving one one away at the start would instantly make all of the BS go away. All haters would disappear in one moment. All politicians would unite under hEsc. It would propel the company to a status that no one could touch. Put the brand on everyone's lips in one fell swoop. Have an army of MS inflicted Doctors, lawyers, artists, web designers, marketers, celebrities etc. as their spokespeople. Instant Nobel prize. Pope would ok it and the world would unite behind it. Put us at the top of the world with one gift, I'm a big fan of doing the right thing.
      Let it be written,
      Dr. Tony Montello

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    • Tony, nobody has cured anything yet, the trials were done on mice, and as we all know many times this has tno transferred well to humans. But it's still good news, just not the lie you just told about Dr Lanza curing MS.


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      • The article does seem to be bringing some action into the close today.

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      • "We haven't landed on the moon yet, but we've tested the rockets," said Jeanne Loring, author of one of the studies and a professor and director of the Center for Regenerative Medicine at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, Calif.

        Her study found that a certain type of stem cell, injected once into the spinal cords of mice with an MS-like condition, could dramatically improve the animals for at least six months.

        The mice's immune systems almost immediately rejected and destroyed the cells, known as human embryonic stem cell-derived neural precursor cells. But the cells seemed to trigger a long-lasting benefit, dampening inflammation to slow the disease's progression, and repairing the damaged sheathing around nerve cells that is the hallmark of MS, according to Thomas Lane, a neural immunologist at the University of Utah who helped lead the research.

        The other study, led by Robert Lanza, chief scientific officer of Advanced Cell Technology, a Massachusetts-based biotech, showed that mice with an MS-like disease could be restored to near normal by injecting them with a different type of stem cell. When injected, these cells – mesenchymal stem cells derived from human embryonic stem cells – were able to home in on damaged cells in the nervous system, even crossing the blood-brain barrier, Lanza said.

        They not only reduced the symptoms of the disease, but prevented more damage to nerve cells, he said.