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  • steve_1292000 steve_1292000 Jun 7, 2014 8:53 AM Flag

    I'm concerned that ACTC is giving about 27 million dollars...

    In .06 shares to settle ( and I didn't bother with the math). This means they are going to RS the heck out of us and those people wanted protections we can't get....or they'll sell....or we're onto something very good. Since I've been here since Aug of '06....I think we going to be porked over. Sadly. We'll

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    • Steve, you're really close with the$27M in shares they gave away to close out the A/G litigation, but if ACTC goes to $10 per share, pre-RS, these folks who received the 384M shares would have $3.84B, and thats sad, because it's money that us long time shareholders have lost out on. And what makes it all the more despicable and disgusting is the delay these lawsiuts cost in time to get these cures to market, which means the people who have AMD & SMD have to suffer longer, because of ACT's incompetent financial planning of this whole business, and the greed of those sob's at A/G, as they put money ahead of helping humanity and common decency.

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      • Keep...I've been into the company for a long time. I've grown a little wiser (and thankfully wealthier) in this time. In my view we can kiss the pre RS notion of a $10 share price goodbye. It may have been possible for that to happen with only a billion shares...but not now. In my view, and my loyalty to the company has reached it's limits, the settlement is one of two things:

        1. Just another way to finance the company off of the backs of the investors like us and/or 2. A demonstration of the same nonsense from years past. These litigants in this case asked for a huge pile of cash (that we agree to pay) and the company just serves them up shares that they know we have to eat.

        In essence, the company has demonstrated that they will just continue to give 'free shares' at ever increasing amounts to anyone they want. In this case, it's to settle a lawsuit. In some of the Principal Directors case, it's in the form of bonus shares which, sadly too, have become gargantuan in scope.

        Quite frankly, even though I had grabbed more than 1 million shares at the .012 level years ago...I've had it. The RS will most certainly be in the 80-100 : 1 category and (sadly) all we'll have done is finance the lavish lifestyle of the Principals for way too long. I wouldn't mind another big score with ACTC...but, my view is that the RS will occur sooner than later and the only people who will be assured of another score like that will be those who are sitting on 50 million shares or more.

        In fact, to believe that ACTC will announce anything big...before the RS borders on physical suicide. Why announce anything before? For what purpose? They've already diluted the daylights out of it. No...the bigger buck for upper management would come from announcing it after the split. My view...dim..but valid if only for me as a holder for about 8 years.

    • Glad you´re still around. But at this time 27 million dollars seem of negligible importance. Imo the CC is a signal ignal to a new era. Now all the burdens have gone. And successful data will attract magnetically more money than we´ve ever imagined. I nearly can´t wait until tomorrow. Tonight I´ll need some German beer to sleep well.

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      • Sorry, but once again I was wrong. I should have known better. Since I´ve been in this stock (2006), I´ve never got something to rely on. The only constant imo is raising salaries and dilution and...if there was a public information at all, shareprice took a hit. Maybe it´s a common thing for shareholders in the USA to be mislead, but this badly produced play is more than one should accept. Why don´t we get reliable informations about these datas? They had time enough to evaluate. Computers don´t sleep that long. We have a right to know if this technology is a breakthrough, cutting edge or something like this. After 8 years of patience I only wish to know, at what station I´m waiting on the train. Right now I feel like I´m waiting on a dead track and getting sunburned.

        Sentiment: Hold

    • Then sell on the run up before the reverse split. It will happen. Both the run up, and the reverse split after the run up. This IS a penny stock, remember.

    • No other option.