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  • dynammo_humm dynammo_humm Jun 10, 2014 7:46 AM Flag

    They Tanked the CC on Purpose

    Now that I have your attention, think about the facts. Ted didn’t really ‘tank’ the call; he simply gave a straightforward update keeping all of his cards close to the vest. A/G and their ambulance chasing lawyers have just shaken ACT down for 348 million shares. Why would anyone put out substantial news two days before these shares are required to be delivered?

    Now the ball is in the court of A/G They can sell their prize for 5 or 6 cents a share or hold and wait like the rest of us. No extra bonus for them…

    Now comes the fun ‘read between the lines’ part. Whoever Ted has lined up for future funding would love to get their hands on cheap shares before any breakthroughs are announced. Let the ambulance chasers sell for what will soon seem like pennies on the dollar, announce a VC or JV deal, sign Dr. Lanza to a nice new contract and release the results of his brilliant work.

    If you believe in the science then you should also believe this is the best business decision they could make under the circumstances. Good job Mr. Myles!

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