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  • asscandyandy asscandyandy Jun 14, 2014 9:09 PM Flag

    OT,...They say Jesus walked on water in the sea of Gallia,others say it was in the dead sea

    Most scientist conclude that the dead sea is enriched with salt making it possible for a human to walk on its content with large sandals as David Copperfield has demonstrated numerous of times,although the Bible emphatically emphasizes it was the sea of Gallia with normal salt content........any comments ?

    freducious says

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    • There is some evidence that Jesus was not an actual person but a creation of the Romans. The Romans were known to create gods to pacify populations. Nothing is written about Jesus until about 100 years after he supposedly died. There are a couple of interesting documentaries you can probably find on youtube.

    • The simple fact is that Jesus, or rather as he said, the Father within him, performed miracles. Whether he performed this particular miracle or not I do not know. But he performed many, most of them miracles of healing. As a result, his immediate followers, the apostles, continued to promulgate his teachings of love and forgiveness even though it meant almost certain unpleasant death for most of them. Think on that for a moment. If he had been a charlatan this would have been known by those closest to him and they would not have continued to promulgate his teachings and risk the unpleasant death that many of them suffered. But his teachings were distorted after a time into the erroneous idea that people had to believe he was the son of God under penalty eternal damnation. That was not what he taught, although we do have some erroneous passages in the Bible that assert this. God is a God of unconditional love for all His sons and daughters, and those are you and me. We are all immortal souls and we live many lives as we grow and learn spiritually. The gospel is the good news, and that good news is that we are all the beloved children of God.

    • The dead sea is 167 kilometers (104 miles) from sea of Galilee ....Israel's largest fresh water lake 33 miles in circumference and 13 miles long and 8 miles the myth is that only a myth.

      Ps.......Daddy Phelps would be proud.


    • Galilee......oops my bad........ for the fanatical perfectionist my apology.