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  • jwilgre jwilgre Jul 6, 2014 8:04 AM Flag

    Still going to wait for the split.

    I've gone this route too many times...Last time was RXII, they did a 30/1 reverse split and the stock has not recovered...No matter how you want to look at it, reverse splits are brutal on shareholders...I believe ACTC is authorized to split up to 100/1...If that happens, they've effectively wiped out any big payday for retail investors. I'm not bashing, I'm just sick and tired of holding during the dark days, only for the company to screw me when the sun finally does shine...If they were to take the split off the table, I'd go all in without hesitation.

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    • your a fool the split is a matter of mathematics only. This company will really soar after the reverse, but lets see how many dollars it goes to when they release that they have cured the blind in a peer reviewed article. I say you are really missing out on getting a 20 to 30 bagger EASY but hey you sell your shares and sit on the sidelines, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, how can you miss when they prove they are curing the blind and it's a 55 billion dollar recurring market. Remember this is a cure not a vaccination, so it's every year the same 55 billion DOLLARS of revenue; and in case you didn't know it , all one syringe costs of the magic elixir is $ 100 dollars um er uh I would say that at $ 10,000.00 dollars a vial there will be very large profits. By the way did you know they will NOW GET fast track program, yeah it's true you fool, FDA just p#$%$ed the new regulation, go Google it if you doubt it, you NOW get fast track if it is life altering, not JUST life saving, and the other verbiage is you can get this #$%$ignment in PHASE ONE , no longer just phase2. Approval has already been given for phase two, and the mmd trial has already started, you have no idea what you are talking about. With the end of lawsuits, and the end of the SEC on our #$%$, this new 30 million will last for years; but it won't have to besides, Matt Vincent stated unequivocally " they had 13 million in the bank for the Aronson/Gorton case , but shazzam they wanted shares , gee I wonder why. Good luck sucker you stay on the sidelines, and buy in pre split at $ 3.00 dollars and chase, I will have my 6 million dollar condo in Palm Beach!

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      • I'm curious as to how many shares you own...100/1 reverse split is a real possibility...Are you certain that the 20/400 - 20/40 patient is the Norm and not just an anomaly? Your confidence is astounding...I am not sure it's possible to short an 8 cent stock, but I could be wrong, I've never heard of anyone doing it...By the way, people raised your exact same points when RXII went into their R/S...They were wrong...Trust me, once the split does happen, the shorts will come out of the woodwork...Then, I may take a long position...Good luck...P.S, the $6 million dollar condo in Palm Beach speaks volumes about you.

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    • anip reverse split when it was bpax two times 6:1 and 6:1 last yr and shareholders have made a lot of money this year.

    • Jwi, I think *company screwing* is incorrect. The news is out there, its going to happen, what you have is a possible investor making a choice to invest or not and timing of such. Its on you not the company. Good luck which ever you choose. Like keep says below you may miss the largest % increase.

    • Jwi, if you wait for the RS to happen before buying, you're going to miss out on huge gain, good luck.

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      • Keep, it depends when, not if the R/S happens. If they have the results/peer review published, and now that financing is under control with the filing/approval of Phase II.....then this will go up. It is about timing it right. Not trading the stock anymore, I'm playing this one out right now. As I also stated many times, this should be play money you can walk away from, this is the only company that is not an investment but a gamble for me.

      • Can't get passed my last experience with RXII...I was unaware that the company has up to 3 weeks to report your new shares to your trading account...For three weeks I had to sit helpless and watch all of my gains go down the drain...I called ETRADE, and they said there's nothing I can do until RXII deposits my new share amount into my account...RXII took every day of that three weeks to report...I hope ACTC is different...Just something to be aware of...As I say, I wasn't. Good luck.