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  • krycap64 krycap64 Jul 23, 2014 11:37 AM Flag

    Best sentence from Prospectus

    "As we continue to manage our clinical trials and expand the indications for which our RPE cell therapy is being investigated, we have
    also begun to take the steps to define our final product formulation, as well as to lay the early ground work to support appropriate pricing and
    reimbursement programs. We believe that our RPE therapy provides pricing justification across all categories of consideration by Medicare,
    Medicaid, National Health Service (UK) and private payers. Our SMD program has been granted Orphan Drug status in both the U.S. and
    Europe, which could accordingly lead to accelerated regulatory approval, potential FDA grant opportunities, and opportunities for early and
    favorable pricing considerations."

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    • Bump for Kry...just the facts waiting to bumble to the surface.

    • Well according to our MB guru this is not the right way to do things.

      In fact they should stop everything you mentioned and focus solely on getting CEO Wotton's picture on their web page...

      That should be their first and only priority at this time.....LMAO....

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • They seem to be getting much smarter on the business end of things. The stock will get played but the future looks bright.

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      • easyes-

        Yes the business side seems almost like they are actually thinking things to end point. I can see some gaps but maybe they will address those areas in actual launch. No big deal just let's me know the caliber of their experience. Like Keep's experience or lack of---

        The stock will be played by LP as they can purchase with an ACTC go ahead, at the lower of 10 day average etc..., but they can hold or sell anytime. This will add to volatility.

        I will wait for various programs to develop further before making more purchases as they need to RS and get the news channel running full time prior to RS.