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  • lightpiper123 lightpiper123 Jan 23, 2012 5:46 PM Flag

    Ugly Chart

    Don't you agree?

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    • Speaking of Ron Johnson....this editorial is from the daily newspaper in Wausau:

      The federal debt and deficit is a big, serious problem. It's not necessary to believe that the U.S. is mere days away from a Greece-like collapse … we have common ground with U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, who visited Wausau last week for an interview with the Wausau Daily Herald Editorial Board … like fellow GOP members of the Wisconsin delegation … likes to illustrate the problem with a series of charts and graphs that show the run-up in government spending, debt and deficit through the past 20 years or so.

      The problem is that beyond the graphs, it's not clear what Johnson's plan is to address any of it. The senator said his goal is to "try to get people to wake up" about these issues … but the words "I have introduced legislation that..." or "I've sponsored a bill to..." never left his lips … we're disturbed that Johnson seems to think that telling people about his views on the federal deficit is a satisfactory use of his role as one of this nation's 100 U.S. senators. It's not even close to enough. If he's serious about advancing his causes, he needs to do so through legislation, not lectures.

      Johnson still argues like someone who is trying to score points, not someone who is trying to solve problems. Many of his arguments felt more like campaign talking points than the serious consideration of a budget hawk … Johnson acts as if the most important thing he can do is fight short-term political battles. We don't think that is what Wisconsin voters sent him to Washington to do.

      It's clear from his words and actions that Johnson takes an all-or-nothing view of many issues and is not inclined toward incremental change. On the federal health care reform law, he said that the U.S. Supreme Court is now deciding whether Americans will preserve "that last, little bit of freedom" -- implying, we suppose, that if the law is not overturned, we all are doomed to slavery. He's shown no interest in fixing the parts of the health care law that he objects to while preserving those policies around which there is broad consensus -- things like closing the Medicare Part D "doughnut hole," ending pre-existing condition exclusions and establishing health care payment models that pay for performance rather than for the quantity of procedures.

      To Johnson, there is no nuance; it's purely black and white. He takes the same view, evidently, of federal budget battles. That may play well on the campaign trail, but it is a terrible way to get things done. It's past time for Johnson to get serious about the substance of his job, not just the message.

    • You wonder how much damage Howard Curler did to Bemis sticking his son, Jeff, in as the head and creating Pacur for his son, Patrick, and son-in-law, Ron Johnson. Bemis is locked in to be Pacur's customer and was Pacur's only customer for a long time.

    • Bemis is heading down because of what?

    • Yes it is not pretty

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