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  • alex1s946 alex1s946 Feb 15, 2012 7:59 AM Flag

    Stephie's stalking me

    Do you know that Stephie searches the boards of any stock that I mention to see if I have any postings?

    That's how sick this guy is, he just wants to hurl his low class insults, no substance, no positions, just gutter insults...

    Really is anyone listening to this guy??
    He thinks this is HIS board and according to him many of us aren't even on this board.

    If that's the case why are you chasing me to see what other boards I'm on??

    He still won't respond to where he thinks the pps of COOL is going or when. just keeps throwing out the same stuff again and again and then mocks everyone else. I've made money on COOL and said how it was done.

    Also, I've said where I think COOL is going and when.

    Once again Stephie is mute but he is quick to throw out insults and avoid responding to the real question.

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    • Thanks Kip, I think the best thing is to not respond to this guy any more. I grew up in very tough part of Boston, you develop thick skin and a pair of balls quickly.

      Stephie reminds of the kids who handed over their lunch money to the bullies and had his head stuck in the toilet. A wimp.
      Now form the safety of a keyboard, he lashes out at people from his spineless perch.

      Seeing how I can't stuff his head in a toilet I'll just not pay any attention to his nonsense.

      He is probably the universal, 260 pound out of shape red faced , German with the poor diet and gigantic beer gut why waste any more time on him.

    • I think Alex is German,so lets be carefull in how we talk about all Germans ? Is he the one that drove the German tank ?

      Stephi on the other hand wants to take over the world and I guess he wanted to start with the COOL board first ;-)

    • Hi Alex, he has been doing this to me for the last year.....he thinks he is in everybody's head
      and tries to act like he knows what he is doing. Talks in riddles because he has no idea about
      trading. The term "pervert", "freak", "sex addic" and as I like to call him "Booger" needs
      attention from a Dr. in a psych unit......he never trades, and doesn't have to nickels to rub
      together, because he has problems with his hands from to much rubbing of himself. If he thinks
      just because he is from Germany that makes him high and mighty, well it's a picture in my mind
      of a school drop out, bad teeth and Lord knows if he even showers. To busy wacking! I may
      change his name to "German Wacker" or like the old movie...."Fiddler" on the Roof". I do like
      that's "The Fiddler", take it anyway you want, but it's a visual for me! LMAO!


    • Again no response from this guy>

      Nothing..ask him a direct question in regard to his nonsense and he avoids a real answer just comes back with the same trash talk.

      That is why he searches the other boards so he can insinuate himself into a discussion and reduce it to his level.

      He was so disappointed he didn't have the chance, searched the other boards and didn't find me. Can't say why he did though. just hurl more classless insults..

      Does anyone take him seriously..If so why don't YOU ASK HIM 'where is cool going pps and when does he see it happening?

      After the fact, he'll tell you what HE knew all along...sure Stephie but we could all say the same thing if we remain mute BEFORE anything occurs. You're such a fraud and classless person, I won't pay any attention to you until you give us the answers...I know you won't so your trash talk will be just that trash talk and nothing more.

      Enjoy yourself....I'm sure you do.

    • I am posting on the COOL board, but you searched others for me, why??

      That is the question, not that I appear or don't appear, the question is why are you searching for me on other boards? Why Stephie?..tell me.

      I post on the COOL board, not on your board.
      Again, no credability until you tell the board where COOL is going and when, you post yesterdays news like it new. Where's your estimate Stephie..again no credability

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