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  • spinbutton1000 spinbutton1000 Nov 29, 2012 4:28 PM Flag

    Beancounters Ruined This Company

    Well, looky here. How far down the mighty have fallen! I knew when the beancounters took over this Harrah's, then that would be the end of this wonderful company as the things they've cut back on has genuinely p'o their players. The casinos don't appreciate the Diamond players like they used to and it's sad, reeeally sad. The Diamond Lounges are a joke as there's only limited time for hot snax, and it's like there's a timekeeper there to pull off the leftovers exactly when the time is up. Even the workers don't seem as happy as in the past. Ex. slot personnel are missing out on their tips with the tighter machines. If these bean counter types were so smart, then why'd they pay $ 90 to buy us out of Harrah's stock, (of course, it probably was worth around $ 120 / share), when had they waited, they coulda had it for a song and a dance when the market really tanked just thereafter. Genius! Now this stock is barely stayin' above water down here at the $ 5 and change level. How low does it go? Too bad as the stuff goin' on probably has Mr. Harrah rollin' around in his grave.


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    • It was not the bean counters, there were none involved in HET being taken over by Apollo & TPG. If there had been this deal never would have taken place. Give all credit to Loveman, Leon Black and David Bonderman for what they did to this company.

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      • You've made my point for me . . . . I'm talking about the bean counters after the buyout who knew very little about runing a casino business. All they looked at were numbers and made decisions in a vacuum. They've ruined this company and now have the company buried under too much debt. Employee morale is nothing like before, and the general atmosphere for the workers (and players) has changed for the worst. Trust me this online gaming thing for CZR is smoke and mirrors as the figures don't lie altho' the liars are doin' plenty of figurin'.

    • really sad...what they have done......they may survive......but u r right they have cut everything to bone,,,,was a seven star for 5 yrs....missed it by a mile this use...diamond gets 90% of what 7star gets...and that aint much any more....but dear old gary didnt take a pay cut,,,did he ?

    • Your right. It is like the CPA's and MBA's are the most sought after employees by this Company.

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