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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Jan 22, 2008 1:00 AM Flag

    The Week Ahead

    "What I AM saying to you and the board is that events are driving HLIT"


    No, events are not driving HLIT and the market at the moment. Hysteria is driving the market. Unless you want to call hysteria an event. Whatever.

    Performance is supposed to be driving stock prices and will again. Hysteria brings both pain and buying opportunities. My only regret is moving way too soon on the hysteria. Hence my pain.

    You are right about Intel - a miss was as good as a mile in the midst of the freaking out. And there is no doubt that Apple and Microsoft and Cisco and Qualcomm and others will have to actually exceed estimates and guidance to make a difference. And HLIT will too.

    I just can't figure out why you are freaking out. You said you liquidated almost everything quite a while back. If I had I would be feeling pretty cocky at the moment. Your worst exposure is supposed to be HLIT at 9.30.

    I almost want to laugh because Wall Street wanted everyone to freak and the media flapped their arms like crazy. It's like the person who yells fire in a crowded theater and then gets trampled by the exiting mob. The shorts/bears may find that this panic consumes them too.

    Hysteria can get out of hand and it appears to have done that world-wide yesterday. And for no good reason other than the scumbags who would destroy the market, economic stability and the country to make an extra buck. Make no mistake - the Wall Street arm-flappers purposely spread this panic to the rest of the world.

    I can't decide if I think that stupidity, ignorance or greed are the greatest dynamics now operating in the market.

    You have a highly developed capacity for assuming the worst in all situations. Unfortunately I think you sometimes find exactly what you are looking for.

    Just me but I am looking for a way out of the chaos rather than an opening to burrow further in...

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    • You continually miss the main point of my posts. You hit the nail on one thing though, hysteria IS an event and it is present at most times. I am not in a state of hysteria, I merely observe the facts of what IS happening, not what I WANT to happen. Yes, I did sell much of my portfolio and I did get back in HLIT when it was heading down. Remaining cool in times of panic is fine. Appearing aloof to all events in the financial world and saying they don't affect good companies is simplistic and simply untrue. Witness the carnage of the last 3 weeks. Will this all pass? Yes, in time and if the ignorant FED can quit tweaking, it might just pass sooner than later. GL to all longs here, maybe the bottom isn't here yet, but today's respite from the steady drops may indicate a better picture to come. I AM surprised that HLIT isn't still in the tank today.

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