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  • pjhatbpi pjhatbpi Jul 19, 2011 5:42 PM Flag

    Not a single peep from mgt

    I wonder what has happened to the big order put on hold??? The volume has fallen off to near nothing since the last earnings report, indicating not much interest out there for BTUI.

    There are a lot of owners who paid up $10 and above that have not sold ... must be optimistic for a return to double digits. I hope to see double digits again, but hope is not a viable option, though that is really all BTUI shareholders have at this point

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    • Not a single peep on the board either. You didn't go to the annual meeting since I didn't see anything posted did you?

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      • No I didn't go. Should have, but I did not. I feel like I am out of touch with BTUI at this point, which is probably the feeling of all shareholders, thus nothing happening and no communicating. Not much to say, without some insight from mgt. Solar has been beaten up badly this last 3 months ... pretty ugly out there. Not sure how much upside we have in this report, but I do hope the downside is limited from here, but we shall have to see.