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  • nickspinner Jun 15, 2012 10:50 PM Flag

    School children 'trading ' this???

    NKA was one of the 10 biggest decliners in the entire NYSE today. Perhaps you might want to revise your glib, foolish answer just a bit.

    • You are the one with apparently no idea what you are dealing with here. Just a few months ago this was below $9 due to serious doubts about their ability to pay their distribution going forwards.
      The price shot up by almost 50% for absolutely no reason at all. Not surprisingly it is drifting down again as nothing changed, but is still 20% higher than a few months ago. This could easily drift back to $9 and if doubts about the distribution resurface it could easily fall to $5.

      I still say you seem to have no idea what this company does or how they make money (or rather don't make it, as has been the case recently). You should read back on this board, especially the posts by jh_iii which will give you a better idea of the issues facing this company.

      And if you are freaked out by the drop over the last week, I suggest you sell and move on, as the volatility this week was pretty minor compared to what has happened and could be the case again (price went from $22 to $9 over the course of a few months about a year ago, and for very good reasons. Do you even have any clue why that happened?).

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