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  • hotohioman4u hotohioman4u Jun 3, 2013 2:37 PM Flag

    Now, before I purchase....Is this a great buying opportunity? Seems like....

    So I don't get blamed like before....You know the type, "We warned you not to buy-blah,blah,blah" Does anyone else see this as a great buying opportunity? BIG seems to hang around the 36-38 dollar range. The store has upped their game by offering nicer furniture, cold foods/dairy, and a really nice holiday selection of extras. I think once or twice ALL of us have been to a biglots. Just tell me briefly, why you wouldn't other words...what am I missing?

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    • cannon.russell Jun 3, 2013 7:15 PM Flag

      The reason I would stay away from BIG is the downright awfulness of of the Big Lots shopping experience. I shop at BIG somewhat regularly but I try to limit myself to small purchases so I can get out before they build up a long, slow-moving line. (I always check the status of the line enter the store.) The training and orientation of the staff is TERRIBLE. I once had a cashier who had just opened up a new checkout argue with me that he was going to wait first on the next customers in line three registers down when I only had two small items. If he had just went ahead, he could had me cashed out by the time the other shoppers arrived. Another time, I had a BIG cashier ring up my purchase twice on my debit card and then ring it up a third time on a second register because first two receipts hadn't printed. She assured me that I hadn't been triple charged since only one receipt had printed. Needless to say I was. Lastly, I once had a relief cashier from furniture wait on me at BIG. I was using a reusable shopping bag with a health insurance logo printed on it. He proceeded to call for a price check on it. I couldn't tell him anything because he was wearing ear buds. When his coworkers told him the obvious, he rolled his eyes at me. As he waited on the next shopper in line, I heard him refer to me as a tree spoke to hugger. Yes, I spoke to the manager.

      Come to think of it, I don't know why I ever shop at BIG. Many of their staffers seem to be as dumb as a box of rocks and as caring as an IRS tax auditor. If my collective BIG experience is even halfway typical, I can see why they have trouble building same-store-sales and average basket size. Frankly, BIG reminds me of Circuit City in the way in which the customer is afterthought. We all know happened to Circuit City.

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