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  • CajunCoony CajunCoony Feb 27, 1999 12:06 AM Flag

    Job offer...

    I've been offered a store manager's job by
    Consolidated. It appears there are
    employees who are posting
    on this board. Could you give me any
    regarding what the company is really like and if it is a
    good company to work for. Thanks.....

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    • I've worked for consolidated for almost 2 years
      and I am very satisfied with the company. I'm not
      sure exactly which subsidiary you're considering
      working in, but I know that KB Toys treats me right. The
      only real complaint that I have is the amount of
      paperwork they require. Upper-management tends to go
      overboard with it sometimes. Sometimes, I think I've filled
      out so many forms that my writer's cramp will never
      go away!

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      • In January our bathrooms were bore for about two
        weeks. We'd use the bathroom at the store next door,
        that is everyone except our male manager.He would go
        out behind the store. He also has a bad habit of
        telling stores about things doing with personal parts of
        his body.
        I knew what he was doing was a form of
        sexual harassment.For weeks I keep quite because of
        loyalty to him.But the day he started talking about parts
        of his body, I knew he'd cross the line, so I
        desided to talk to H.R.
        We were getting ready for
        inventory, so I through I'd wait until it was over before
        talking to H.R. But I waited tp late. The day of
        inventory I was called in the office, accused of violation
        of company policy and let go. My manager and the
        other assistant manger were doing the same thing;
        {holding things back to buy at a later date}, but I keep
        quite thinking my manager would stick up for me, but he
        I've always through management were loyal to each
        other, in this case I was wrong.
        I lost a job I
        truly loved becaused of misplaced loyalty. I just hope
        that other managers are not like the one I had, and
        will stand behind their assistants.
        Consolidated is
        a great company to work for, and if I ever got the
        chance to work for them again, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

    • There are 3 stores in WV. Can't forget the one in
      You know, the home of the famous Hooters restaurant
      chain. The
      one who's stock is performing so much
      better than Consolidated's
      since you don't see their
      managers tearing down their company
      in public?

    • Idiots watching Idiots.Sounds like both of you need to get a life!

    • Heard over the weekend that +.06 is going to be
      the number! Hope
      Greenspan's rumored actions will
      not destroy the positives. A
      +.06 vs last year
      should show a very positive market reaction!
      May is
      starting like April ended. No one can do this
      any better that the group of individuals that are
      currently at
      the helm, whether you are an exec in
      Columbus, or as a member of
      the store management teams.
      Yes, we have our problems, but no
      more than any
      other Company. There will always be days of
      disappointment and do I know about this one! However, just
      around and those that have spent some time within the
      try to look back and just remember, remember how it
      was and how it is today. The associates within our
      Company are family. We
      need each other and we need to
      treat each other with respect.
      We need investors and
      we need to treat them with respect.

    • I agree if he is that bad you should have not
      waited to call hr
      but if they wont listen then you
      should post the store and where
      it is located so
      others know not to shop there or at least be aware of
      his problems good luck to you!

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      work for
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    • Some of the postings on this board are certainly
      not reflective of the store team members I know,
      being a manager for CNS. We have just finished a very
      strong first quarter, going against LY numbers that were
      pretty strong as well. The stores are looking better
      than ever, the inventories are cleaner (meaning less
      markdowns later) the distribution problems that killed our
      third and fourth quarter results in '98 are corrected
      and inventory levels are in line. Most of my fellow
      managers and I are pumped. We see '99 as an opprotunity to
      post huge increases over LY and morale is
      significantly improved. I hope a few bad apples don't spoil the
      picture created here.

    • Coney and region 4 might have done better if
      theyhad had access
      to the deals that Tanner has had
      over the years. I bear no ill
      will to Tanner but he
      has had more power and pull than a regional
      thats not right. Some one should have stepped in years
      and gotten the freight more fairly distributed. Like
      Retail 101
      has said, now that the freight is being
      sent out fairly look
      what has happened. Region 4 is
      on a roll. Tanners district is
      getting a visit
      to see where the sales went. Nuff said on
      Bill Coney is a fine man and a great regional vice
      You dont hear any complain about the communication in
      our region.
      Stockholders our region 4 is on the
      way up to record sales and
      profits for our company
      under his leadership. At the year end
      lets see who
      finishes the best. Region 4 or Dstrict 032,.

    • what is wrong with you fools? leave the man
      alone! you sound
      like those MacFrugal idiots! Don has
      a tough job. he is just
      trying to get the Odd
      Lot/Big Lot div. turned around. it is
      us who are
      pulling the fnancial perfromance down. look in
      mirror. he is coming out in to the stores to see that we
      setting the new merchandise right way. they think we will
      sell it if we persent it right and i think so too. it
      is good stuff.
      it does not do no good to tear
      down our bosses and look dumb to
      our stockholders
      be writing these stupid emails here. Don will
      us back on the right road. just give him a

    • What is the demon inside of us that seems to
      drive some people
      to try oh so hard to tear down
      those who have a record of consistent success. I
      believe we would be better served to
      try to learn an
      individual's success formula and to learn from

      Dewayne Tanner is a quality individual, one who has
      greatly to the success of this, our company. If he ever
      anything that could be deemed not positive, it was the
      of an innate desire to do whatever he can to make
      his assigned
      stores successful. He is a DM who
      does whatever it takes.....
      how about you

      Folks..... We have a company that is growing in quantum
      and as we progress from a small cap company to the
      horizon, we will encounter bumps along the way. It is
      upon us all, from Don Mierzwa to every associate, to
      face the
      challenges given and overcome them
      without finger pointing and
      personal attacks.
      Identifying the opportunities and
      implementing successful
      plans of action is the answer, not
      diminishing one's
      self worth, self confidence, and the feeling
      accomplishment, neither, should we spend time
      bitching, and feeling picked on. The large percentage of
      the solution to any problem is in our hands...... we
      need to grasp it.

      Remember, it is much easier
      to effect change within the
      organization and to
      all the DM's and above, take some time
      listen.... you will be pleasantly surprised with what

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