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  • CajunCoony CajunCoony Feb 27, 1999 12:06 AM Flag

    Job offer...

    I've been offered a store manager's job by
    Consolidated. It appears there are
    employees who are posting
    on this board. Could you give me any
    regarding what the company is really like and if it is a
    good company to work for. Thanks.....

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    • I worked for Consolidated for six months as an
      Assistant Manager,I loved my job and look forward each day
      to going to work. It's a great company to work for.
      I just hope you will be the kind of Manager that
      will stand up for your people and not let them be the
      fall guy just to save your own job.

    • I've worked for consolidated for almost 2 years
      and I am very satisfied with the company. I'm not
      sure exactly which subsidiary you're considering
      working in, but I know that KB Toys treats me right. The
      only real complaint that I have is the amount of
      paperwork they require. Upper-management tends to go
      overboard with it sometimes. Sometimes, I think I've filled
      out so many forms that my writer's cramp will never
      go away!

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      • In January our bathrooms were bore for about two
        weeks. We'd use the bathroom at the store next door,
        that is everyone except our male manager.He would go
        out behind the store. He also has a bad habit of
        telling stores about things doing with personal parts of
        his body.
        I knew what he was doing was a form of
        sexual harassment.For weeks I keep quite because of
        loyalty to him.But the day he started talking about parts
        of his body, I knew he'd cross the line, so I
        desided to talk to H.R.
        We were getting ready for
        inventory, so I through I'd wait until it was over before
        talking to H.R. But I waited tp late. The day of
        inventory I was called in the office, accused of violation
        of company policy and let go. My manager and the
        other assistant manger were doing the same thing;
        {holding things back to buy at a later date}, but I keep
        quite thinking my manager would stick up for me, but he
        I've always through management were loyal to each
        other, in this case I was wrong.
        I lost a job I
        truly loved becaused of misplaced loyalty. I just hope
        that other managers are not like the one I had, and
        will stand behind their assistants.
        Consolidated is
        a great company to work for, and if I ever got the
        chance to work for them again, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

    • Get every person in your store to call Human
      Resources at the Home Office and state your case involving
      said manager. If you feel your Regional did not handle
      properly, go over their heads. Human Resources Home Office
      will indeed listen and investigate. I have seen this
      work in our company. Please keep us posted as to the

    • I agree if he is that bad you should have not
      waited to call hr
      but if they wont listen then you
      should post the store and where
      it is located so
      others know not to shop there or at least be aware of
      his problems good luck to you!

    • I am a vetran of Big Lots and I was an assistant
      manager for a year in the early 90's. I was also well
      liked and the manager was there for 10+ years.

      Human resources will back the store manager no matter
      what. I was just an assistant manager.
      I ran a
      successful midnight stock crew, processed stock,
      merchandised it, and did more than her ems crew did. But she
      started hiring people who my midnight crew did not want
      to work with . One was a crack head that did it in
      the store. When we all complained nothing was done.

      I did find out though.. that there are a lot of
      other companies that pay more, require less hours than
      biglot does. I found another position and never returned
      to Big lots. The store manager called to ask me back
      and i said no thanks.
      Life is too short to deal
      with being nothing more than a glorified stock

    • The West Virginia raid??? O, please! Big Don has
      been kickin'
      butt all over the country from what I
      hear. It looks like he
      thinks that he can get the
      sales up by his personal force of
      will. After the
      Easter boost, the sales have gone flat and he
      worried. The honest truth is we do not have the mix
      customer wants. Most of the good items are gone from lawn
      garden. We have a good selection of summer, but customers
      not going to start thinking those goods until
      Memorial Day.
      I must say, I have always been a big
      supporter of Don, and I
      lead the cheer when Miller got
      the boot, but Don's shortcomings
      are now becoming
      very evident. He is a kind, decent man, but
      the man to lead this company into the 21st Century.
      recent finger-pointing visits are disgraceful
      and are creating
      the wrong impression in the
      field. Now Don, the regional V.P.s,
      and the D.M.s are
      all in a Save our Asses mode. Who's getting
      blame??? That's right, it's all the store managers'
      They aren't on the program, they aren't behind the new
      way, they
      are too old (where are you now, H.R.?) to
      adapt to change, they
      aren't following direction,
      they aren't getting the freight out
      in 48 hours,
      etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum.....
      Duh! Don, look at
      the merchandise mix!!

    • Do you guys really work for co? Why in the world
      would you want to air your dirty laundry on a public
      forum like this? Its like a gaggle of secretaries at
      the water cooler. Just what purpose does it
      Anyway, I'll play. Are the WV stores inventoried from the
      N or S d.c.. Sounds like things arent turning
      around and we are setting up for a bad inventory
      situation. I hope this isnt company wide.

    • It,s not dirty laundry, Phil, and it's not aound
      the watercooler
      either. It's about a company that
      is in trouble because it has
      taken the wrong
      path. WV stores are served out of the North.
      not an inventory issue, or shrink anyway. It's an
      issue of
      having the wrong inventory for the
      clientele we serve. In
      December, the company threw off
      the problem -- Miller -- but
      kept the same
      strategy that chased away 25% of our customers.
      Now we
      see the officials who could make a difference
      pointing and laying blame. Instead of a return to
      time, it has become CYA time. A sad, sorry state of

    • what is wrong with you fools? leave the man
      alone! you sound
      like those MacFrugal idiots! Don has
      a tough job. he is just
      trying to get the Odd
      Lot/Big Lot div. turned around. it is
      us who are
      pulling the fnancial perfromance down. look in
      mirror. he is coming out in to the stores to see that we
      setting the new merchandise right way. they think we will
      sell it if we persent it right and i think so too. it
      is good stuff.
      it does not do no good to tear
      down our bosses and look dumb to
      our stockholders
      be writing these stupid emails here. Don will
      us back on the right road. just give him a

    • what a lot of CRYBABIES. so Don has singled WEST
      VIRGINIA out
      for special harrassment????? get real! get
      a life! you stupid
      manager in co. is going thru the same
      pressures and
      demands that you are. But no! Don has singled out
      poor WEST VIRGINIA CRYBABIES for special attention.
      how much
      do the CRYBABIES stores add to total co.
      profit? .00004%???
      how many stores do we have in WEST
      VIRGINIA anyhow? maybe 2 in
      those big towns of
      Bugtussle and Hicktown? i wonder why it will
      take Don
      and Dennis 3 whole days to visit? does it take
      long because there are no paved roads?
      cut the crap. WEST VIRGINIA CRYBABIES may grow
      some day ----- about the time they get indoor plumbing
      and start
      wearing shoes.

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