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  • b_zerkley b_zerkley May 21, 1999 8:21 AM Flag

    eToys hits $85...

    or $7.7B mkt cap. My estimate of a KBtoys spin
    off being worth $2B is way off. This could double CNS
    market cap by year end, especially if they spin off the
    company to the holders after the IPO. Merrill Lynch was
    right, this is worth $60 (plus). Good investing.

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    • Here is a blip from the article referenced in the
      previous post...

      "Another one I like is
      Consolidated Stores (CNS 15 5/8). It is trading at $16 and
      down from a high of $39. They had a blip in earnings
      that was unexpected. Consolidated Stores is a closeout
      company as well as a toy retailing company. The toys are
      doing so, so. It is the world leader in closeouts. This
      is a $4.8 billion company. Many times we have
      purchased shares after they come down, and gained 50% to
      100%. They are on our Buy List and we are looking for
      $30 in 12 to 18 months."

    • CNS was mentioned in an article


    • Did not buy yet just started to research. I did
      notice today that the trading was practically 100%
      institutional. Is that typical for CNS? I also noticed that
      between 9/98 - 12/98 of last year the stock was heavily
      downgraded. Was that totally due to missing earnings or was
      there something else also?

      Generally, this
      stock looks really attractive especially expanding into
      the online toy sales this year. It appears to me that
      the almost 30% one day drop in July was an
      overreaction. Can anyone provide me with the downside risk to
      this stock as they see it? Am I missing


    • If the tech is good enough to entertain an
      individual, why spend the bucks? My brother still plays
      Atari! Not eveyone needs the latest and greatest, or
      what the marketing departments want us to perceive as
      the latest and grtest.

    • I recently purchased a used Super Nintendo system
      with a dozen games for under a hundred bucks. My son
      (9 years old) doesn't even look at N64 anymore. His
      friends come over and they just want to play Super
      Nintendo. My son and his friends should be the top market
      for the new systems, but that ol' Super NES was just
      to damn good a machine, with endless titles.

    • Has anyone heard why software sales aren't
      performing well? Everyone seems to be fixated on hardware,
      but whether or not people are waiting for price
      rollbacks or the Sega system, the more fundamental issue is
      what's wrong with the titles?

    • Thanks, man. I'll miss you and the many people
      I've had the joy or working with over the years very
      much. YOU have my e-mail, stay in touch. I wish things
      were different, but that in itself is the problem.
      Best of luck to ALL of you and.. Go Consolidated!

      You have an excellent leader at the helm, and I have
      full confidence that he will continue to grow this
      company in years ahead! May Intrepid have all of it's
      bugs worked out, may allocation truly work for you,
      and may the jobs in the field once again be rewarding
      and fun! My 13 years with the company have been
      mostly very rewarding, and I wish you ALL success going

      -Retail Warrior signing off

    • You Have Been An Eloquent Spokesman For All That
      Is Right With This Company. I Know I Speak For All
      In The Family In Saying It Is Sad To See A Member
      Depart, But We Hope It's All For Your Best. Good Luck On
      Your New Endevours, And Stay In Touch

    • "Insiders" can sell their stock off at any time.
      As a "long-term" insider, I can only say "watch your
      step". . . There are alot of politics going on inside of
      the machine. Fair ye well. .
      I wish you the best,
      as I do the company itself. Goodbye and good luck. I
      have just exited the company, and wish to leave in a
      proffesional manner, so I wish you all well and hope you all
      excell in your individual endeavours! My best to all,
      and much success to each and everyone of you!


    • Insiders are only allowed to exercise their
      options a few times a year. This "window" was a few weeks
      ago, and the stock had been on a great run, so they
      figured the time was right to exercise some of their
      options. They still have many, many more options in CNS,
      but they had to take advantage of the nice run-up the
      stock has had. Don't read too much into the insiders
      selling...they all know that this stock has a bright future. I
      hope my "inside scoop" makes you feel a little better.

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