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  • hillaryclintoon hillaryclintoon Dec 4, 2009 5:36 PM Flag

    CHS teamster union. I don't know???

    I think raising the recall cap on CHS stock would cause the stockholder shares to sky rocket without any increase in dividend payment. If the employee is doing a great job well give them a reward. If there slackers out there give them a warning and than if nothing happen find someone else. Should not give a group raise unless everyone is worthy. Glad I'am not involved. Some of the teamster were smiling shouldn't you be working. Is this shift time off. Lots of old poeple depend on CHS so going on strike will not help your cause. What ever that is???????

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    • I know your husband Billy! Anyway I would fired the top dogs in the teamster that work at CHS. Take the savings and give raises to the low dog teamster working at the company. I would keep the old employees that been faithful to the company though out the years. If the low dogs can't handle the extra responsibility hire a temporary until they the low dog can fill comfortable running the show. No reason for some rich high teamster to get all the money. Why eat sandwiches when you can have steak. I vote for the shareholders.

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