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  • all time stock market high doesn't effect this piece of #$%$. I've bought and held this for 3-4 yrs after seeing a stock picker I like (not cramer the idiot) say it was her stock of the year. It's never moved appreciably. All I see are sky high benefits for the board members and #$%$ for the shareholders. I'm gonna dump at 4 and never look back.

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    • Barely one minute into the video "Dr. Daniel Lidar talking about experiments on on D-Wave one at USC," we are informed that Lockheed Martin purchased a 512-qubit processor, although it is still being calibrated and is not yet operational. Since each wafer contains 131 512-qubit Vesuvius processors, numerous others must have purchased the processors and quantum computers, including the NSA. See "Hack the Multiverse." Since this is the most revolutionary advance in history, it has to increase the price of TINY stock.

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