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  • rod_barringer rod_barringer Mar 12, 2013 12:27 PM Flag

    Transparency Is A Problem

    It is easy to state what % TINY owns of each of its portfolio companies and how each is valued. They have this information readily available but do not share it directly. Because they don't share their process openly It leads to distrust and a big discount applied to their secretive process for determining NAV. Intangibles are hard to value and so far TINY has done a poor job of explaning the value they assign to intellectual property and to the probable market for the end products of the technology and their determination of value. Perhaps TINY has finely come of age and can share with transparency. Is the tremendous discount deserved or does TINY really value their companies fairly. It doesn't matter what number they publish if you don't trust that number or if it is not independently verifiable or verifiable through the market in M&A or IPO valuation.

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    • Transparency is a problem because the water in the bowl that the P'sOS are laying murky!

    • A big AMEN to your remarks about the p-poor job done by mgt.
      Too, and as I've previously posted more than once, we see the virtual absence of insider buying. Gee, wonder why? A while back a company 'letter' expressed pessimism about the prospects of the portfolio through at least 2014, or words to that effect. Too, why should insiders take a risk per buying shares when instad they are assured, courtesy of a worthless BOD, of getting their annual 'bonuses, hoever totally ummerited?

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