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  • rod_barringer rod_barringer Mar 13, 2013 11:07 AM Flag

    A good Announcement coming?

    D-wave news excellent ! Adesto progress outstanding. Bridgelux continues growth and expanded commercialization. Xradia is expanding their commercialization.Metabolon and Nantero as well. This may be the best time for IPO's in the last 6 years and several of the portfolio companies are candidates. 2/3 of the portfolio companies have strategic development agreements with major corporations and tech innovation spending is rising for most major corporations. M&A is active. SZYM has gotten major financing in addition to all the industry Joint Ventures they have going. NPTN is becoming profitable and expanding sales. CSBR is proceeding on target and raised $9.5 million for additional development. In short the portfolio is doing great. TINY does a poor job of promotion, filing 8k's and "making mention" and has short changed share holders by using their stock as an ATM machine for the employees. Hope they really want to be a successful VC company and make money for all their shareholders. Excuses and rationalization has to end. Performance for the shareholders is the true measure of success and TINY would embarass the founding Harris's. Management paying themselves bonus money while the stock tanks is shameful. This is their shot at redemption. If they screw up this year they deserve to go to the place of all shamed, failed money managers. The portfolio companies are a success, and the question is whether TINY can get the true VC values these companies deserve. Or will they make side deals and feather their own nest at the expense of TINY shareholders ?

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    • yes all news seems positive except for this pps value of Tiny.........

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      • I believe the management teams of the portfolio companies will overcome the poor management of this VC. They have been great at finding the Ventures and poor at providing the Capital. They spread their meager capital too thin. They abandoned the Harris model and spread themselves so thin there has been no VC returns. They have returned recently to investing sufficiently in one success to make it happen. They have the right situation, I hope management has learned from all the mistakes. They still have a chance to make this VC a super success.

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