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  • jodabooboo jodabooboo Apr 4, 2013 1:59 PM Flag


    This is a wonderful buying opportunity!

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    • Thank goodness I had the smarts and balls to back up the truck when I did. This is ready to take-off!

    • I"ll buy in with 5K shares if it hits 2.99

    • I totally agree joda. The last few years has just been a slow-motion head fake. This baby could take off like a rocket and reach $10, maybe $12, in a blink of an eye. I think the $10, which would ONLY be a 3 bagger from here, is a solid given. I'm buying as muck as I can today.

    • Buy it now and sell again at 3.90 or you'll be waiting forever to make a few more bucks. This is a dog.

    • Right! The total tally for insider buys to date in 2013?

      A whopping 9,835 shares.

      You bet-sure sign of a screaming buy-NOT!

      If the parasites, aka, TINY 'management,' won't pony up their own money at even these more-than-ever depressed levels (closing price Friday LESS THAN 50% of it's post-2008 high), then what's that tell you?

    • I agree with you. I admit I lost money this year (and previous years) buying too early. The carnage we've seen this week is not limited to TINY. I think there's been alot of redemptions in funds to pay taxes and they sell the small cap stocks first. But that's besides the point. There are two white hot events in their hopper. One is the attention placed on their investment in the Quantum Computer Company (perhaps they'll buy others in this area) which has seen validation by Lockheed. The other is the successful phase 3 trial by Amgen in their investee company, Biovex. amgen knows how to get drugs approved and TINY stands to get another $9 million in milestone money in the next few years. Their overhead is way too high. They spend far too much time worrying about their own compensation and talking about it. They have no business holding stocks once they go public. They need to get results on creating a fund to manage other money.

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      • Couldn't agree more with your point about lamebrain mgt 'holding stocks once they go public, e.g., the to-date twin disasters of NPTN and SYZM foremost.

        Second, think self-annointed genius managers have ever explained what was meant by the 'team' having reached "certain milestones" as the claimed justification for the last round of so-called 'bonus money?" Yet another rip-off of 'outside' shareholders, pure and simple. Great 'compensation' recipe for mgt. That is, take money regularly which they clearly have NOT earned, while assidulously avoiding putting teir own money at risk, as in, refraining from having 'some skin in the game. Sorry, but those people, IMO, are totally devoid of personal integrity.

        And of course we well know from past experience what happens to the vast majority of any "milestone money," e.g. mgt's. wholesale grab of the loot from the last (in late 2005!) profitable closeout of a position, while the rest of shaeholders got completely chumped with an UNDISTRIBUTED dividend!

        Finally, have any of you sought to ask these dolts at TINY corporate directly why they have cosistently and for a lengthy period NOT engaged in insider buys of the stock, yet repeatedly see fit to attempt to 'pump' the stock price by means of their 'news releases, which invafriably fall on deaf ears?

        P.S. About time again for mgt to 'hint' about a forthco9ming deal with Russano? Like how many times in the past have we heard that vacuous rhetoric?

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