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  • yinvestor yinvestor May 3, 2013 10:39 AM Flag

    Rod, I am in...

    Rod, I am in Tiny for a small position now.
    Could you share your insight on this stock here?

    From technical point of view, especially from the quarterly chart,
    this stock is going to breakout and sky rock in a big way.
    But I don't know how long it's going to take for it to happen.
    It could be a few months or even a few years depends on how the fundamental is going.

    But if we are lucky and there is some good news coming out,
    this might happen much sooner than I expected.
    Anyway, let's see how it goes.

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    • I don't use TA and I'm not critical of those that do use it. However, this stock strikes me as one that is virtually useless to try and assess under a TA approach. The stock is completely dependent on whether their technology investments prove out and using TA to predict the future of their technology investments is about as effective as using tea leaves...

    • Yin 12% of this stock is SZYM holding and the rest is private companies that are growing slowly. The management is the biggest obstacle, they can find good companies but don't know how to develop and market them. They spred their capital too thin, with that said, it is a good place for an occasional bounce. Their self published NAV is $4.11 but the market believes their NAV is $3.20. They own small pieces of companies like D WAVE that are exciting but their piece of the action is small and doesn't yet drive the stock, the interesting thing is that their holdings are good companies and a source of IPO's. They believe one of their companies will have a liquidity event, translate either IPO or merger, buyout in 2013 but the management is very cryptic unnecessarily so and what could be said with great transparency is shrouded in nurd speak. They have been associated with good companies but never since the new mgmt after Harris have they found a way to increase share holder value. Low entry is the key. Not a REGI type stock.

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      • It looks like SZYM is pretty bullish this year.
        The current price for SZYM is $11.37, but it looks like this stock is going to $15 or much higher.
        This would be a good news for TINY since TINY is holding SZYM.

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      • I believe that if the company could manage to invest in some good private companies, sooner or later,
        these investments are going to pay off. There are always undervalued stocks in the market and TINY could be one of them.

        Have you looked into each of their holding companies in detail?
        If not, how could you say that the rest of the companies are growing slowly?

        At least D-Wave and Bridgelux are two exceptions and I also believe these are not the only two good companies.

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    • Where is the world did you come up with that goofy notion?
      For an obviously needed 'reality check, here is some of what has been posted more than once:

      1. TINY has NOT closed a profitable position since late in 2005.
      2. When that occurred, TINY execs took a big chunk of cash for themselves, ya know, as claimed 'just compensation', while 'outside' shareholders got an UNDISTRIBUTED dividend.
      3. Since TINY 'recovered some' post 2008, to circa $.6.50 or so, the stock price has languished to the significant downside ever since.
      4.Managements persistent focus as remained in ONE subject- their annual claims for so-called 'erarned compensation.'
      5. Get the overarching idea?

    • Volume is picking up, maybe we have some serious buyer now.

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