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  • texasbroker2000 texasbroker2000 Jul 7, 2008 2:29 PM Flag

    Last Wed and Thurs were ugly

    This one's chart isn't looking so good. Longs will point to the international exposure but the world market is getting weaker by the day.

    No dividend, no words from management, 42 is the next floor. If we don't hold there look out below......

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    • Thanks for your advice....sold early Tuesday and went short....

    • I own puts and have a long position with a avg of 50, i'm not sweating. just cause your losing tons of money doesnt mean everyone is. dont get mad at us because you bought way over 70 and wasnt smart enough to buy now. so texas boy sell your position and take that huge loss and not whinning like alittle girl. then turn back around and short the stock, be my guest. complain all you want but it wont change the dumb ass mistake you made for buying so high. learn how to hedge and you wouldnt be so cranky.

    • I agree Texasbroker; I'd love to get in on TEX, but right now anything above $40 looks a bit premature. If it breaks down at the $42 level, I would expect some great opportunities will exist to buy in the high $30's. Could come sooner than later.

    • Just to build on what jloos8 just said: Check out a small company, CIR, in today's after-hours trade. It is an industrial company that has been sold off in the last few weeks ... they just raised their outlook and are trading up at least 12% in the AH. A meet or beat by TEX would do the same.

      Also, look at AA in today's AH as well.

    • Earnings are in a couple of weeks. They just reiterated their guidance less than two weeks ago.

      Buy into the fear. Buy low sell high -that is where the real money is. Short selling is playing with fire and options are for hedging not investing.

    • It's not cheap because the level of sales are not perceived to be sustainable....hence the sell off and the low pe.

      Sounds like you work for the company ... buy more...

    • texasbroker - nobody disputes tex has acted like crap for the past year or so. But 18 years ago - it was a completely different company back then. How about over the past 5 years when it returned 400% vs 50% for the s&p.

      So you're long not short. As the previous poster said, you can always take your losses and get out.

    • then sell and stop complaining, complaing about having a losing investment does nothing. arguing does nothing. But please tell us how 40-45 doesnt make tex cheap instead of posting that its gone down so much, news flash we already know its dropped a crap load, duhhhhh. if you think its such a bad investment walk away sell your postion its that simple. Or though you obvious dont know how to read financial ratios you would see how cheap tex is in the low 40's, hedge and avg tex. you have two options chose one and get it over with.

    • Man are you wrong....I'm quite long as I purchased with ASVI proceeds post the acquisition. I've seen my investment drop 40% and I don't share your thoughts with respect to the prospects for this company at this point.

      The facts are that this has been a bad investment (as compared to the overall market and peer group) over the past year and only a marginal investment over the past 18 years. I don't know how you can dispute that.

    • Yes shorty's, Yahoo is wrong - as they frequently are. Deere has very little in common with Tex, Cat a little more, but still only about 20% of their business in common. Do a little homework and actually read the profiles rather than just looking at the competitors page.

      And you're right; Tex has underperformed for the past year. Truly amazing how earnings are growing at twice the pace of Cat's over the past few years and their p/e is almost half that of cat's.

      Some of us think Tex is too cheap; if you don't fine. That's what makes a market. And $42, I'd love to see it. Great opportunity to sell some puts.

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