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  • seabreaze789 seabreaze789 Jan 10, 2013 1:50 PM Flag


    You posted info on BAC many moons ago. I was already in it and you were positive on this stock. Do you still feel the same way on BAC. And any other info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    • Call it luck, call it skill...all i care about is $. Best of luck to you James! Be sure to circle back with me in a few months when TEX is trading at $18-20 and I'm buying up shares again.

    • so you even admit you're a clown. great.

      I am saying me buying and selling is holy. Its based on real reasons. You don't post real reasons why you do things besides saying it rose too fast or some other bs.

      I am a fundamental investor IE a logical investor. You are not. That is my point.

    • i bought BAC at $5.25 and like sold a month later at like $9.5 in January 2012 like a month later. I valued it between 10-12 and $9.5 was sufficient that I could put the money to work in other better stocks. Also I never liked BAC the company I just felt the stock was so compelling when The Jim Cramer hopeatrons at $5 were saying sell.

      This quarter normalized they will make about $2 B run rate $8 billion. They are making poor returns on capital. Like its not a sell just not a good bank own. Its not a short but its not a buy.

      I've been recommding PNC. PNC makes no sense normalized they will make around $7.00 a share yet the stock trades at 61. It earns great returns on capital. It should trade at at least $100. I hope they buyback stock and raise the dividend.

      Management went for another acquisition last year which seems to be fine. However the stock is so cheap I would love to see a big buyback.

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      • PNC is my nest biggest position after TEX but unlike TEX, I don't make any money on it (so far) lol. However I am still pretty confident in it. I don't understand the price movement. Its my favourite stock at the moment and Ill probably be buying more with new investor funds unless something more compelling hits the bill.

        I said last month, I sold some TEX at $25.7 and bought PNC at 55.9. So far the performance is 14% for TEX and 10% for PNC. At that time I thought the risk reward was better for PNC and I had too much of my portfolio in TEX. Anyways even at $61 today it is by far the best bank in terms of value.

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