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  • georgesmarsh georgesmarsh Sep 3, 2013 11:49 AM Flag

    SA = feeble

    That rebuttal is pathetic

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    • It did in fact give him the opportunity to slow the margin call he was about to get.....

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      • Shorty tends to get too greedy when his bid pinning is scaring out long cover - in hindsight, always the best time to buy, but hard to know when the knife is done falling. When the shorts can't hit the exits fast enough for their own good, you're best off being a little greedy on the ask in response to their fear, but when it starts to look like it's more the longs getting greedy than the shorts doing penance, it's time to ring the register before the shark blood draws in more sharks. Pretty much just saw a classic example of this over the last few weeks. 'Tis why I never trust a parabolic up-move - real longs want to buy as cheap as is reasonably possible; pumpers buy high and higher hoping to get a price and volume that they hope they can sell into in a hurry. A slowly rising price range with constant slope will shake out the riff-raff, but the proof of that will be in the pudding, not the prodding.

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    • Couldn't agree more, the short could better have served himself by staying mum. The new article exposed his previous one for what it was, trash talk plain and simple. The new article has even less credibility since his thesis doesn't even consider the recent deferring of orders due to the companies relocation. The lengths shorts will go shows the harsh reality of holding thinly traded stocks and how they can be effected by false reports published irresponsibly by Seeking Alpha.

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