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  • investor2222investor investor2222investor Mar 28, 2007 1:09 AM Flag

    This might be worth taking a look at! -- Read this!

    Pass this one along to all the shorties out there

    "hana's massive short position is going to work to its favor, and it will be to the detriment of all those who shorted hnab stock."

    hnab going lower?
    no way.
    tomorrow is hnab's bounce back day!
    those who bet against hnab by selling short, tomorrow is pay back time. Tomorrow it is you shorts who'll be getting screwed. When (sometime tomorrow - wednesday, imo) yes, when hnab does its major aggressive move to higher ground (rally!), when you shorts see hnab's move higher, you'll be the ones who will be doing the panic "buying", you'll be the ones who'll try to cover your short positions. Since hnab is a small volume stock you shorts will have one hell of an effort to cover your short positions. You'll be forced to go into the stock market and pay what ever the cost to cover your shorts. This could be one for the record books! If you cannot cover at $2, then you'll have to pay $3, or $4, or $5, or even $10 plus...per share to buy your way out. This could be a short squeeze to end all short squeezes.
    those investors who held back and refused to sell in after hours trading today, they sensed that something is brewing. They are smart enough to realize that hnab is tremendously oversold. But that's how the stock market works.
    imo - tomorrow the hedge funds that shorted, and those individual shorties, collectively, tomorrow is your day of reckoning. Tomorrow, poor shorties, prepare to "take it in the shorts". You are in deeeep sheeeeeeet!

    sentiment : strong buy

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