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  • deanhedges deanhedges Apr 19, 2007 10:20 PM Flag

    FLA raises state sales tax to 10%

    Florida House Property Tax Relief Plan Announced

    April 18, 2007 10:25 p.m. EST

    Angela Cheatham - All Headline News Staff Writer
    Tallahassee, FL (AHN) - Florida Republicans and Democrats disagree about how to bring property tax relief to Florida residents.

    On Wednesday, House Republicans passed what they call "the biggest tax cut in the history of the state of Florida". Votes were split 78-40 mostly along party lines.

    Democrats argue that the tax bill would be regressive because it calls for voters to exchange paying property tax for an increase of about 2.5 percent in sales tax. The sales tax increase, they say, would result in loss of revenues for counties and municipalities, be burdensome to the poor and would not benefit renters.

    The House proposals are in two phases: Property Relief, which eliminates the property tax; and Tax Reform, which add the sales tax. ...

    Some counties, such as Broward and Miami-Dade already have sales tax exceeding six percent and fear that an increase pushing their sales tax to nearly 10 percent would hurt tourism and spending in their areas.

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    • i live in florida and own 2 houses....i have paid almost 10K in propperty taxes.......that would be 10K extra to more more shit period....therefore helping the florida economy.....if you dont think this would be great you are a dumb ass

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      • from different author
        & different thread

        ... while we squable,

        Politicians proclaim they understand these things, while they really steal the souls of men, sell their own for greed, and create huge suffering for our nation's families.

        These other fights, they pale in comparison, in comparison to the root cause of the problems. Those illegals would be better patriots than most if the schools were real schools, if they could raise a family with a single worker.
        If their disposable income was not stolen from them at every step at every moment.
        Why should the common man have to worry about the erosion of the medium of exchange?

        There is a crime made possible through the bankers and their fiat, it is a crime that has cost the lives of thousands and thousands, and a lifetime of pain for many more.

        Certainly you must see that, those other things pale in comparison, in comparison to the children who will never be able to play catch with their fathers, the children who will never be able to ask help with their homework from their fathers, and those children who will never know their fathers more.

        Oh, but my taxes.
        Ask your politicians to pay those proposed tax increases with their own salaries instead.
        Ask everyone in congress who voted for the war or the patriot act to direct to the injured soldiers all their current, past pay, and all their future pensions.
        How will they respond then?

        It is too late to go after the symptoms, it is way too late for that.

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