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  • deanhedges deanhedges Apr 28, 2007 12:23 AM Flag

    opposing views

    dow ... 13500

    what happens next week when there is nowhere else for money to go. Japan is closed Monday, Thursday and Friday and China is only open on Monday and there are fears that Chinese officials may take advantage of the holiday to announce Central Bank tightening while the markets have time to digest it.

    Commodity prices are coming under pressure in Europe as regulators there are beginning to fine de facto commodity cartels for price fixing. This is coming at the same time as Democrats here are calling for excess profit taxes, well timed in the face of another round of record oil company earnings.

    We will be THRILLED to hold 13,000 today - as I said, next week there really won�t be anywhere else for Europeans to put their money so we stand to do well by default but first we have to get there without looking too undesirable:


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    • If it were just a question of poor peoples blood the war would be fought eternally but America is no longer the number one creditor nation in the world. We are no longer the number one manufacturing economy in the world and the world is growing tired of taking our markers. We are no longer rich; we have cored and hollowed out our economy making pools of wealth and oceans of poor. We are no longer exempt from financial realities that the less rarified countries have always had to live with. But the wizards have woven an elaborate spell; they have taken the blue chip dollar and by casting incantations turned it into a toad. A toad that the princes of central banks must continue to kiss as a prince, for if anyone acknowledges that it is indeed a lowly toad must also acknowledge that they have a central bank full of lowly toads. And they must continue to pucker up or to invite disaster upon themselves, a worldwide pyramid scheme.

      Through importation of Chinese goods the declining value of the dollar is disguised from the American public. But no con is perfect the public suspects something but they can�t put their finger on it. The wizards of Wall Street and the media sirens of sagacity mystify them. The offer of Murdock�s News Corp. to buy Dow Jones causes barely a blip on the radar as the synergy is missed by the masses just another of Merlin�s illusions. Explain this one Mr. Wizard, the price of crude oil has doubled and the price at the pump has tripled in six years, is it greedy oil companies? Or could it be the darker prospect that the currency has lost a third of its value?

      Shh! Bad oil companies for sure! With the aire heights of the stock market Mr. Wizard, are the stock gains in paper higher than the depreciated value in cash? Is foreign investment in America driven by the desire to purchase good investments or by the desire to unload the worthless paper? What will we sell them when they have bought everything America can sell at the global yard sale?

      The cup of reality is a bitter wine; the Army is depleted as one year of active service equals five years of wear and tear in peacetime. Just the Army estimates to bring the equipment back to pre invasion levels would cost one hundred twenty five billion dollars over and above what is already budgeted. For Merlin has covered his tracks and hidden most of the losses and the Army is just the cheap stuff. The Navy and Air force with weapons systems in the billions of dollars face the same stark challenges.

      To be more exact the leadership, the next President will be forced to face these questions. The reclamation of our economy of our military and even our place in the world, for the uniter has untied almost the whole world against us he has replaced imaginary enemies with real ones.

    • Doomsday cometh.

      he ties it together with a comparison to England and the US circa late 1920�s:

      �The two major players in the world financial system at that time were the United States and Great Britain. The United States was the emerging industrial power, whereas Great Britain was the mature and stagnating industrial power. The central bank of the emerging industrial power (the US) printed money in an effort to prop up the economy of the mature industrial power (Great Britain). The inflation of the money supply resulted in the overheating of the economy and the stock market of the emerging industrial power. It was the crash in the stock market of the emerging industrial power (the US) that brought about the crash in all the world�s stock markets and the Great Depression followed later.

      Now fast forward to today, and what you see is China as the emerging industrial power and the United States as the mature and stagnating industrial power. China is printing money in an effort to prop up the economy of the mature industrial power (the US). The inflation of the money supply is resulting in the overheating of the Chinese economy and stock market.�

      The Fed is in a box from which there is no escape. Doomsday cometh.


      theroxylandr wrote:

      So it�s China turn to have a Great Depression? Ouch, I�m glad I�m not Chinese�


      China issues more central bank notes in Q1
      Updated: 2007-04-27 10:17

      China said on Thursday that it had issued 1.8 trillion yuan (233.8 billion U.S. dollars) of central bank notes in the first quarter, accounting for 85.7 percent of the total bonds issued in the same period.

      The increase in central bank notes issued sent the RMB-denominated bonds issued at the inter-bank market up by 37.47 percent.

      However, despite the country's efforts to tame liquidity, the country reported last Thursday a higher-than-expected growth rate of 11.1 percent for the first quarter.

      Premier Wen Jiabao said ...

180.75-1.67(-0.92%)Sep 26 8:00 PMEDT