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  • michail_davidson michail_davidson Jun 13, 2007 9:50 PM Flag

    US Great Depression #2 long overdue

    Should come on suddenly because of 20 years accumulation of American gluttony, bloat, stupidity, laziness, overconsumption/exhaustion, satiation, overindebtedness, slumping housing prices--wealth affect, rising interest rates, high and rising inflation ...on and on. One terrorist suicide bomber attacking a midwest shopping mall will be the nail in the coffin for half a generation of US consumption.

    Could start anytime, any minute.

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    • getting very close - just waiting for the blowoff flurry of buying by the bagholders which i believe has begun, however i find it intersting whenever the market looks to roll over it gets help from perfect economic data or soothing remarks from fed reserve - suspicious to say the least, does anyone really think they would ever tell us something was wrong, NOT A CHANCE.

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      • I guess the uphoria needs to run it's course. I have heard it said that the markets won't correct until everybody believes there is no limit to the uptrend. Well I have to say I'm almost to that point. Even bad news is good for the markets these days. I am definitly being tested, as for my conviction that, we must have a correction soon. In my neck of the woods the economy is not great, nor is the job market, unless of course you want to work at W-mart, McD's, or Taco Bell but maybe that is just my little world here in Central Fl. I welcome any comments on what the economys look like from other parts of the country.

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