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  • e_f_nuthin e_f_nuthin Jul 19, 2007 4:53 PM Flag

    Does anyone have a serious comment on GOOG

    Will the market suffer tommorrow from GOOG's miss or will this rediculus climb continue? I'm in a state of shock I simply cannot believe the relentless uptrend. What the hell?

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    • Holy cow i wasnt watching ah so this is first i heard of goog toilet flush - so i see goog down -39.97 to 509.53 in ah - great news for us bears who have kept the faith - yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      goog, cramer and bagholder lemmings over the precipice

      be interesting to see if there is a spike in the suicide rate after this.

    • MSFT was also down after reporting, which will have an impact on the market, since it is a dow component. And being that it's friday, I doubt people will be buying into the weekend to hold positions, when they can earn interest instead. A normal pattern would be a down day tomorrow, but in this environment, the opposite might happen.

      I remember reading some past posts in May and June here of people saying they're holding July 130's and 135 puts. I hope they hedged. Well, we all have some loses on the table, mine is blackstone.

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      • I have a theory, comments please... the recent run-up has been the work of the institutions buying in the begginning (last week), the last few days however the momentum has changed (volitility up) and earnings seem to be faultering (mixed at best), I hope, so now the retail investor is jumping in while the institutions have been selling into the earnings so that soon the buying will dry up and that be when the hammer falls... Obviously I have shorted the market and I admit this has been quite a tense week or so. I was sure the market would turn after the rediculous run it has had this month, but as usual just when you feel sure of something the market spanks you for being cocky. Good luck all...... E

    • This is yet another case of the emperor showing up at the parade butt-naked.

      Hopefully, the little kid will stand up tomorrow and say it like it is.

    • In world gone mad it will be an excuse to buy! buy! buy!- followed by sell sell sell.

      In other words, Wall Street at it's best- suck you in and take your money.

      That ragged 14k close today should have been a sign that all was not well.

      Watch Asia and Europe- if they tank we will have a stellar bad day.

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