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  • jetster_8 jetster_8 Jan 23, 2008 2:02 PM Flag

    Read my ACCURATE Market Prediction

    First! NOTE about my experience and method used to accurately predict market direction.
    Here is the SECRET:

    Back in days of paper trading, I worked the street.
    After retiring, I was able to trade for modest profits.
    Computer technology changed Stock Market into a Computer Game.

    Once the Markets became a Computer Game, my trading account showed wins and losses like before.
    However, something changed. My balances started to decline, year after year.

    I asked former cohorts to examine my account and trading activity. I asked; what am I doing wrong?

    Here is �Readers Digest �version what they told me.

    There is nothing wrong with your approach to trading�

    I asked, �Why am I loosing money? My former cohorts replied with a few questions:

    Did you ever try to play game of Chess against a computer? Have you ever tried to beat a slot machine in Vegas? Have you ever tried to win a lottery? Have you ever bet on horses?
    Than came partial explanation and analogy.

    Stock Market of your days changed from a Card Game to a Computer Game! Computers monitor everything real time. Your odds of succeeding over time are miniscule. There always will be just enough wins to entice you back for a big loss.

    Now picture Wall Street as a huge slot machine with thousands of slots to drop in your money. Wall Street Slot Machine being connected to a control room with cameras and free access to print media and the Internet.

    News feeds are tailored to influence mood of the player and to supports functionality of the Wall Street Slot Machine.

    Now My SECRET and ACCURATE Market Prediction:

    Market will go where the Wall Street Slot Machine Operators like it to go.
    Odds of winning could improve later this year for long enough to buy your vote.
    Now, go ahead and place your bets, but hold on to your hats�

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