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  • AdRockMCAMikeD AdRockMCAMikeD Jun 6, 2008 1:32 PM Flag

    just bought a boatlod of Sep DIA calls

    market will rally hard from here. Reaction to jobs report is overdone- number was actually not that bad.

    Oil is outta hand, but it's going to collapse sometime very soon.

    Risk big, earn big.

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    • wonderful, you bald idiot.

      Instead of raising interest rates, you kept yanking them down to depths, and killing the dollar in the process. Now the whole world thinks of US as a big broke joke. Now are you HAPPY, MR. BALD IDIOT? SAVING YOUR MORTGAGE HEDGE FUNDS AND HOUSING COMPANIES. Keep that *** house million dollars and destroy everything and everyone.

    • I also bought some AUG call too. Hope we make the right call. The Dow sank about 900 pts only in 2 weeks. I think it should bounce back at least 400pts before the real bull or bear comes in. What is your opinion or T/A ?

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      • well, looks like I was a little early, but impossible to call the bottom. Thought reaction to jobs report was overblown- number was actually better than expected. And rise in unemployment percentage has been almost universally contributed to a bunch of new grads trying to enter workplace. Oil was ridiculous- using isreal sabre rattling to jump.

        When everyone on the street is calling for doom and gloom, that's usually best time to go long.

        I think we could fall to 12,000 on Dow, but I could just as easily see us rallying back up to 13,000 in very short time period on bargin hunting. Oil is going to get whacked sooner or later- prices are going to dry up demand, or congress will slap in speculator requirements and prices could drop 20% overnight. I think friday was a blow off top that is going to be followed by big drop back down toward $100. Markets should rally in conjunction to that- I see this all happpening sooner than later.

        Yep, economy is definitely shaky, but market usually start bullish cycle way in front of economic bottom which we are probably close to. Dow should be close to 15,000 at EOY.

        Monday should be key day- we'll see if panic is still setting in or if people start bottom fishing.

        Remember, stimulus checks are still going out so walmart effect we saw for May is going to continue for at least another month.

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