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  • marrooned2000 marrooned2000 Oct 10, 2008 1:36 PM Flag

    Here's how it Works!!

    The same Big Shot (remember only 100 people control half the stock market), sat down last October in a room and decided 14,000 was the time to sell. Those same people decided WHEN to start buying again. They began today at 7888!! They KNOW they've started a HUGE panic, so they will buy MUCH MORE at 6800-6900. Then the markets will stabilize, the Dow will eventually go above 10,000, and they will make EVEN more $$$$. That's why I'm not selling my 30% invested in my TSP/401K. and not buying ANY individual stocks or ETFs until I see this puppy shake out!!!

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    • Great information.

      Hello - I know, there are lot of people here in this board with superb knowledge of the stock market - and novice like can be benefitted with your generous and honest advice. So is it possible, can anyone please give me an intelligent prediction (market forecast) whether the DOW will go up or down on Tuesday when the market will open? Your advice is greatly appreciative. Thank you in advance for your help.


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      • If anyone can tell you what the Market will do on a particular day in the future they're either lying or NUTS. In any event, the stock market will open on MONDAY (no Holiday for them). I would tend to think that its all up to the G7 meeting. If the Market likes what the results of the meeting are it should go up at least a few hundred points. Its options week, and options weeks tend to be positive. I'm betting that Tuesday or Wednesday will be at least a 1 or even 2% up day.

    • Okay, so far so good. Goombah (big money), is really buying back in now. Could be a retracement of the selloff from 14,000-7888 of 50%. I would bet money the top will be 10,000 if we continue to run, then a retest by end of November!!! God Bless America!!

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