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  • indexplus2001 indexplus2001 Oct 28, 2008 3:12 AM Flag

    No more reasons left to go down

    The market finds new reasons to be afraid, now there is nothing left to fear except fear itself and the day people realize it, the Dow will rish to 11K

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    • Here are your down reasons:

      1. Duh the recession... a big, deep recession we are in NOW. Forgot about that?

      2. Hedge funds still forced massive selling until at least end of December. Adds overwhelming power to the selling.

      3. Retail investors scared sh*tless of stocks now. Will take 3 years to wear off. Makes buying weak, short, and shaky.

      4. Housing still diving, probly for 6 months more.

      5. Commercial real estate imploding heavily NOW.

      6. Semi, tech, software, all tech growth hitting headwinds and very negative guidance in all Q3 reports so far.

      7. US auto industry and airline industry basically going out of business.

      8. Oil industry being kicked down now by price implosion too.

      9. Epic, historic damage doen to the entire financial system by this crisis, that will take 5-10 years to repair.

      10. Massive, punitive regulation coming soon in vengeance for the irresponsibility of corporate managemers in the past decade. Regs will take away all the "cute" ways to make money with shell games. They'll have to do honest business again and how can they make any money doing that? They know the party's over--we're going to go like Japan, market down for decades.

    • Just enjoy the rally for now BULLS, This market is not going anywhere. Yesterday rally was so fake even a blind can sees that. They make it rally so the FED only have to cut .25 points. This way when the market tank it will not seem as brutal. You guys should know their game by now.

    • The market can, has, and will rise, even during a recession.

    • Wait until negative GDP numbers come out on Thursday. Everyone will be talking up recession again and the market will tank.

    • There are many more reasons for the market to go down,in the long run. If DIA(DOW) doesn't close strong this week we will see 7300 next month before any bounce back. We might never see 11000 maybe till end of 2009 or longer than that. Remember everyday there are massive layoff. How can people borrow money when their credit are ruin by shortsales and forclosures? Bad credit,no income, no job no loan. That is why lenders(banks) are hoarding on to their money.

    • Told you so....

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