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  • super.phantom1 super.phantom1 Apr 29, 2010 10:04 AM Flag


    On april 23rd i gave the exact date of april 29th.

    advance forecast on this fraud market.

    this fraud market should drop before april 29th. If we do not get a confirmed sell signal by, before or on april 29th, then we will have to wait it out till may 17th.

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    • If it doesn't drop by the end if the day, I feel very confident it will make some sort of correction some time before July 2030. LOL

    • You have an unusual way of expressing a very interesting analysis. In general, I think you may be on to something. So, I have two questions.

      1. How much of a drop would indicate a sell off/ market correction, according to your calculations?

      2. Do your calculations project that DIA will close below 108, on or before next Friday, May 7th?

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      • Darthhare:

        1.) a close belob 109.91 for 2 days in a row will trigger a sell signal.

        once we get this confirmed signal, there is no telling how deep down will it move as it is based on calculations prevailing at that point in time. (also note that these sell signals are also subject to be voided if the market turns around & starts to go up after a drop)

        2.) there is no way to calculate if dia will close below 108 on or before next friday, may 7th (first it has to penetrate & close below 109.71 before w can think about 108.

        have fun & do not stress yourself.

      • I apologize. I realize now that my questions were redundant. I just needed to read more of your posts. Too bad starting your own website, would take away your anonymity. It would be really interesting to see a daily post along the lines of Dave's Daily, from you.

    • tactive Apr 29, 2010 2:01 PM Flag

      Do you expect another drop before May 17th?

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      • Tactive@yma asked: "do you expect another drop before may 17th?"

        it is not what i expect as i am just a small individual & the market does not move as per my expectations.

        but based on my proprietary calculations, going forward to may 21st, at best this market is likely to move sideways or will go up no sooner it clears & closes above 112.72 for 2 days in a row.

        i repeat only if it closes above 112.72 for 2 days in a row. (intra day does not count)


        this fraud market can & could tank without a warning at any time, so you are long dia stock or have long call options, you have to be on your best guard by being hedged with a put position at all times.

        understand that this whole thing is about taking pre-calculated risk, for a potential reward greater than the risk and also being right more number of times than not.


        in the end remember that the entire market is a whore house & every exchange in the world & every stock traded globally is a fraud & the entire trading world gravitates just to pick pocket your money round the clock 24/7.

        good luck.

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