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  • miltonmclaughlin miltonmclaughlin Nov 13, 2010 6:24 AM Flag

    Just bought 112 Call for 90 cent. LONG is the way

    We will get a quick pop. so I want to make at least 50% gain so i put 1,800 bucks on the 112 call at 90 cents. This call should be at least 1.40 by Thursday. That will be the easiest 900 bucks ever in 4 days. See when everyone is selling I am buying and when everyone is buying, i am shorting. So for those who are following my post last week, i made 500 on the short. (remember when all those dump traders was saying we are going to 15000) Now you should be reading we are going to 10000. (dumb trader getting caught up in the hype) this is how they get you on the wrong side. Now i will make 900 bucks on the Call. I will post again when the option has reached 1.40.

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    • I bought the 112 call at .90 cents and got out at 1.34. That about 49%. 880 bucks on the trade. Just follow me and you will learn this market. It is too easy. Read my post and you will see I have made about 1200 in a week. I will post about 5 more trades and maybe yall will be a start following my post. These guys post trash. I post actual trades. Read my post and see.

    • I'm happy for your recent gain on the short. However, aren't you a little early according to all the indicators you provided in a past post? Or was I mistaken in my understanding of your strategy for buying and selling?

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      • You are correct, that's why i looking for a quick pop. This is a trade i make when I see the crowd coming in too fast. We have had a 250 point drop. Market has to respond the other way for a little bit. You have to remember. Big money came in on this run. So we are due a little pop. But again you are right. I using profit to make this trade so little gamble but a smart one. If you are just getting started, I would not make this trade but I think I will make some money here. Good catch!

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