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  • sterlingbreeze17 sterlingbreeze17 Jun 22, 2011 2:26 PM Flag

    Its amazing

    Bernanke doesn't have a clue , and the markets react to his comments. He is already blowing off 2012, and lives by a hope and prayer that things get better, since nothing he has done, has worked

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    • He pumped the market up over %100+ and allowed everyone to get back to even. If You did not sell You are not a Bull or a Bear. I do think that Bernanke should have stipulated that the bailouts were conditional as to using that Liquidity rather than hoarding it. Had the Hoarding not happened we would maybe be looking at another great run higher with a minimal Bear retraction. Bernanke got alot of people back to even and even gave the Smart Money a double. This is where the "herd" is thinned out........ or shall we say sent to the slaughter house with the other pigs.

      Live and learn.

    • I'm no fan of Bernanke, but you have to admit Paulson left him with a real lousy hand to play in this card game. It's hard to make ice cream out of a pile of poop.

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      • I'm actually long right now, but it has nothing to do with my opinion of Big Ben. He has done nothing but bail out the banks, the ones that destroyed the US housing market, which is the backbone of the economy. He's in a no win situation, but he needs to stop spinning the BS he presents about no inflation and the economy improving, but he won't admit that all the crap he has done hasn't worked, except raise stock prices, which the history of the fed is to stay out of the market, which they never do.

    • It's amazing alright, how shorts like yourself hear what you want to hear, but you definitely heard something different than I did. I heard him say US banks are positioned well in terms of sovereign debt and the FED will make sure they continue to be.

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