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  • EDDIEMAHONY EDDIEMAHONY Nov 15, 2011 9:22 AM Flag

    Mr. President and Congress

    u suk

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    • You need to study economics. Your entire premise is based upon emotional irrationality. It only takes common sense to realize that Congress is taxing you via corporations.

      Corporations are not real. They are entities created for legal purposes. It's just like your real estate tax. Your house doesn't pay the tax, you do. The only problem is that you have no one to transfer your tax liability. Corporations, partnerships, and even sole proprietors have the capacity to pass the tax on to the consumer one way or the other.

      That's why Congress attacks corporations and small business by demonizing them so they can tax you via them and make you think they are doing you a favor. That's how stupid they think you are and it seems as though you are obliging them.

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      • We shouldn't even have such taxes.

        Every tax that was originally set up for the WAR should be repealed.

        There is plenty of country here if you can't find a job you can walk to F'n Montana or Idaho with a bag of seeds. Goodluck to you.

        F all this.

        That fat pig Gingrich is a weasel.

        All of these Republican and Democrats are shafting us all day and night.

        This is why we need to escort them ALL out of office via a aan election or March on the White House.

        I don't understand how far your going to push the day laborer and common working man before he says, " I am going to knock the s@%@t out of you!!".

        I am hoping the youth of America who do not have mortages, children and retirement to worry about start a F'n MASSIVE REVOLT against the system!! This is why they fear such things, it will be viral globally. We are the brink of it all, if I can be so passionate about it there are 10,000,000 out there who are completely fed up with it that will pile on to the point they will burn down every Republican and Democrat watering hole in this country.

        Yes at the end we are all part of the corporations via our 201K plans previously known as 401K plans previously known as pension plans; notice how we are getting F'd all day?!

        I am willing to sacrifice my 201K plan to cleanse this country of all it BS, Newt's 300K to $1.8M consulting fees. Sure you said that to them Newt, you lying son of a B!$#$tc!

        2012 there is a march planned on the White House to show that we want change! If this President (that is put up there to hush the minorities for the time being) thinks we will be hushed he is wrong. We will force change!

        No more hiding in back of agendas and propogandas such as oh don't do that because we have to support the troops. F.U. If you felt that way you wouldn't be ready to send little Johnny to a hell hole just so you can deflect the crap that is going on in your Presidency. Clinton did it to deflect his Monica fiasco, GW Jt. did it. F them all. The Republicans and the Democrats.

        You want an agenda?

        1. Eliminate all the people on Death Row.
        2. Have all the career criminals clean the mess up from executing the Death Row inmates.
        3. Bring our people home and line them up on the border and have them shoot ILLEGAL MEXICANS AND CANADIANS.
        4. Tell the CIA hey you can't be in the drug selling buisness anymore! Its wrong no matter how you want to justify it.
        5. Make Drugs legal like in Portugal. Recorded fact drug use has dramatically declined there since it has been implemented.
        6. Escort all of the Career Poloticians and Lobbyists out of the Washington.
        7. Get to the bottom of FRACKING from an indepenedent universities.
        8. Send an apology the the rest of the world for that D.B. GW's WMD agenda. America Man's up about it finally. How do you expect to slap a DB around if you act like a DB yourself.
        9. Homeland Security put to rest and GIVE THE US CITIZEN HIS CIVIL LIBERTIES BACK YOU DB!! We get it politicians remain in power by creating self serving agendas. Why haven't they used all this compromising liberties to find and destroy all the serial killers and child molesters as well as the Heroin dealers. What do they do instead make sure we aren't buying fertilizer in large amount.
        10. I am man of non violence we march GANDHI style,

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