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  • jforuus jforuus Dec 7, 2011 2:34 PM Flag

    Seeking Alpha - The psuedo Journalist

    A prime example what is totally wrong with all of these sites, Seeking Alpha, Motley Fool and The Street aka Seeking to rape you, Motley dot paid market advertisement and The Street dot SCHILL. I know many of us feel frustrated and cheated from these sites and you should!! Tag teaming authors to pump or dump a ticker from a jounalist point of view is unethical.

    If these sites want to be held with any weight they should cite other reports and authors in actuall debate format giving us pros and cons for either side of the coin to actually give us an insightful view point. Instead they re-write the BIBLE everytime they touch the pen.

    I will stop speaking the truth about them if they stop writing the lies the write.

    For 2 years they pound a company with bad news and then tag another set of writers to pump it up with verbage. F all of these guys. You simply can't trust any of them for JOURNALIST INTEGRITY, bottom line! If you don't have any you might as well be the booble head dolls on CNBC or Jim Cramers' crew or Kudlow and his 6 mos. too late messages.

    We need to turn them OFF !!

    This whole market and currency system is a PONZI scheme. What a joke, that is on us.


    "I have one last bonus play: Cornerstone Progressive Return Fund (CFP). It has a yield of 18.2%, debt to equity ratio of 1 and a tiny market cap of just $105M. It has been paying dividends since 2007; the total return for the past 3 years is 14.72%, and for the past year it is 17.5%."

    As before:

    Article: 3/10/10

    "All things aside, one must be impressed by the careful design and implementation of what is a seemingly simple and apparently legal investment gambit by Cornerstone Progressive Return Fund (CFP), ostensibly having the effect of transferring wealth from unsophisticated new investors to that of existing shareholders and insiders."

    "Cornerstone Progressive Return Fund’s (CFP) Board of Directors, hoping no one would notice, issued a press release on Saturday morning (February 13, 2010, 9.57 am EST) over a long holiday weekend, announcing that it would be slashing its monthly distribution in-half. The monthly return-of-capital distribution per share would go from $0.205 to $0.1025 per share for the months of April, June and July."

    At the end we are just reading a bunch of horsepoop from these sites!!

    You should write to them and call them out and I am sure if enough of us do that it will send them a message to do a much better job as SCHILLS or Journalist.

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    • All results are from Aug. 7, 2012 pps value with dividends adjusted:

      NOC + 3.5%

      L +1% Gain

      CVX -2%

      ETP +4%

      WFC +1.5%

      ALL +7%

      PPL +1.5%

      CB +5%

      BBT -6%

      Not great numbers, but in this rigged game we will take it.

    • Get caught for insider trading and SEC bans you with a slap on the wrist for jail time then you trade from the London Exchange.

      Defrock and Defraud the US Citizen and you get bailed out.

      What a joke!

      You keep voting for men that keep pointing the finger at each other?! stop voting for the Republicans and Democrats! year 2012 we vote for the Green Party not because they are the Best but because they haven't stuck it deep in us yet.

      Spread the word!

    • hmmmmn.....the rest of you psuedo journalist better cricle the wagon...

      when are the tribunals going to be held and bring justice to the US CITZEN.

      Ofcourse this will mean most of the House and Senate will have to fall on a sharp knife !!!

      "WM/Reuters Busted In Latest Market Rigging And Collusion Scandal: Foreign Exchange"

      Mr. President please post this on the doors of CONGRESS.

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