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  • Speaking about take overs this morning...."premiums are unbelievable."

    Yes DB, thats because these vehicles have been hammered. A 50% premium still equates to a deficit as large as 50% in some cases.

    Schill comments like that.

    If they weren't such schills they would talk about all the shenanigans that goes on in the market daily. They should all be ashamed to even have a pretense of being journalist.

    Perhaps its the editors to blame as well for allowing such lecherous individuals to be on.

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    • So questions was asked by the Semi-Schill team aka Squawk box.

      Why are investors choosing to put their money in low yieldinig treasuries rather then stocks?

      Duh. So many reasons you schills it should be a rhetorical question.

      Let us list a few reasons.

      1. The Ex-Governor of NJ is disgraced, Congress has been executing on insider trading all these years, Bernie M., Melkin, Blankfein and Golmdan Sachs crew, Our man Raj
      (if you only paid the toll to those that build the gate that you jumped, you would be a free man) and his crew, do we have to go on? These are just a few guys and the the rest of the sponsors and good ole boy club we don't hear about. Its not paranoia is it. TKLC (Hubert de Pesquidoux Chairman of the Board and Ronald J. de Lange CEO) and CSA (Raymond W. Braun President, Chief Executive Officer, Director and Charles M. Handy Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President, Secretary )These fine men sold out all of their longtime shareholders. One of them bought a half a million shares and his company was taken over 6 mos. later. Serioulsy you want us to trust men like that with our last sandwich in the picnic basket so they drop a no.1 and 2 on it? John Chambers and Dov Charney of CSCO and American Apparel respectively have you seen what those two butchers can do to a company? We can go on forever. We will let the hedgefunds managers and bankers have fun trading amongst themselves at this game; enjoy each others company. We won't be handing them our money or our children's future anymore to leverage out for their Million Dollar bonuses and salaries. We will keep it in that miniscule $0.00005 interest rate. You can't play this game without the middle class your starting to figure it out, else you will be canibalizing yourselves. DUH!! Greed is good, it cleanses all from the cycle eventually. You shouldn't eat the last few apple trees left in the orchard. Chew on that!

      2. The media is either a puppet or silly goose when it comes to journalist integrity. Amazing how many so called buisness journalist mis-represent or are mis-informed and present such information to the public. Have you ever read Seeking Alpha (which run amuck with no accountability) or the Street Dot Schill (Cramers puppy of segway to distribute out at the top for his cronies)they have so many writers that it seems like a pump and dump scheme rather then a legit news hub. (please don't choke with laughter as you read this!).

      3. There was a No. 3 but Corozine misplaced it; you know an ex-Governor and Ex-Senator and you know the the insider traders that are excused and oh yeah a hedgefund manager. He is a 4 letter man who knows maybe a 6 letter man even? I may not be doing him justice as his PR man.

      4. The Republicans and Democrats can't run a ship and the rest of us are waiting for the American Citizen to start voting these two parites out. If we can't do that this year, we can try to bring in a stand up guy like Ron at least. These two political regimes are wrecking the stability of the market with their hourly headlines and have crippled the U.S. citizen and won't be happy until we ALL start marching on the White House, unless of course we are too busy looking for WMDs.

      5. Did I mention no one even trusts the media anymore either to actually report anything accurately and with out bias?

    • CNBC, you care about America now? I like your new theme unfortunately trying to mask your agendas (since you have lost most credibility and trust already) through patriotism cloaked facade is cute. You need to go far above and beyond, hold all of your guests responsible and grill them with hardline questions that expose the ugly underbelly of their platforms.

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