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  • jforuus jforuus Jan 18, 2012 5:33 PM Flag

    list of terrible terribles

    These are the men to put on the list to avoid any fund or and corporation decides to hire then down the road after they have left a wake of destruction to shareholder value. History repeats itself with such men. This isn't a revenge post but of RECKONING. Even predators scurry when CATTLE join for a STAMPEDE.


    A mis leading legit Ponzi scheme

    Ralph W. Bradshaw Chairman of the Board of Trustees, President
    Gary A. Bentz Chief Compliance Officer, Secretary, Assistant Treasurer
    Frank J. Maresca Treasurer
    Thomas H. Lenagh Trustee
    Edwin Meese III Trustee
    Scott B. Rogers Trustee
    Andrew A. Strauss Trustee
    Glenn W. Wilcox Sr. Trustee


    CDCS talk about mis leading CC (CHINA their parent company)

    Talk about a great podium speaker who either had no clue what his company or his management team was doing to share holder value.

    John Carrik Clough 62 2009 Chairman of the Board
    Peter Yip 58 2009 Vice Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer
    Bruce Cameron 57 2009 President
    Chung Kiu Wong 64 2009 Vice Chairman of the Board
    Matthew Lavelle 44 2009 Chief Financial Office
    Mark Sutcliffe 45 2006 President - CDC Factory
    Oscar Pierre 54 2005 Senior Vice President, South Europe and Latin America
    Paul Plaia 40 2009 Senior Vice President, President of CDC gomembers
    Lee Reisterer 53 2009 Senior Vice President - Professional Services
    Niklas Ronnback 43 2009 Senior Vice President, EMEA
    Nicolas Cron 2009 General Manager and Vice President, Southern Europe
    Anil Dwivedi 40 2009 Vice President, Japan
    Edmund Lau 50 2009 Vice President, Greater China
    Alan MacLamroc 55 2009 Chief Product & Technology Officer
    Donald Novajosky 39 2010 General Counsel, Secretary; Vice President and Associate General Counsel, CDC Corporation
    Paul Elswood 40 2009 Managing Director, United Kingdom and Ireland
    Frank Hung 48 2007 Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand
    Hilton Law 38 2009 Managing Director - Southwest APAC
    Nagaraja Prakasam 39 2010 Managing Director, South and Southeast Asia
    Brian Holder 2011 General Manager - Australian and New Zealand Operation
    Kwong Chi Wong 58 2009 Director
    Kwok-Yu Au 40 2009 Independent Director
    Raymond Ch'ien 59 2009 Independent Director


    Cogdell Spencer Inc. NYSE:CSA

    Selling the company with their longtime investors while they avg. down 6 mos. before the sale.

    Raymond Braun 53 2010 President, Chief Executive Officer, Director
    Charles Handy 49 2005 Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President, Secretary
    Richard Neugent 67 Lead Independent Director
    Scott Ransom 2010 Director
    John Georgius 66 2005 Independent Director
    Richard Jennings 67 2005 Independent Director
    Christopher Lee 62 2005 Independent Director
    David Lubar 56 2008 Independent Director
    Randolph Smoak 77 2005 Independent Director



    While the CEO dumps all his shares at a premium then drives the pps into the ground with a stupid or calculated blunder? A management team too satisfied with collecting their CA$H and watching share holder value be destroyed. A team with no backbone.

    Reed Hastings CEO
    David Well CFO
    Theodore A. Sarandos Chief Content Officer
    Leslie J. Kilgore Chief Marketing Officer


    American Apparel Inc. NYSEAMEX:APP

    Dov forgot how to ride a bike and the rest of his managment team who are just too satisfied collecting their CA$H. A team with no backbone!

    Dov Charney
    John J. Luttrell CFO
    Glenn A. Weinmann General Counsel



    Ex-Governor, Ex-Senator....

    The face of our beloved insider trading Government who is devaluing the dollar and choking your infant children's' future while we all watch.

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    • let us add Oppenheimer & Co.

      The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged two investment advisers at Oppenheimer & Co. with misleading investors about the valuation policies and performance of a private equity fund they manage

    • I posted this regarding CFP and it took the sc#@$#umbags to finally start writing article 5 mos. later..hence why i call them pseudo-journalists...

      now they are attacking PHK and from the looks of it it was also 20 mos in the making, the last time it was selling at a 70% premium....

      sad we can't get Mohamed and Slick Billy on an interview to address their phk pps falling like a 70 ft. oak!!

      where are you men, hiding from the camera? hahahaha!! is your talented team only talented in your own minds! have you feasted so much now your just lazy lions and continue to just nourish yousrelf on that 1% fee for all money under management. are you too buys trying to come up with a new catch phrase to hang your hat on and have your underlings blow smoke up you rear!! hahahahah!!

      doesn't seem like anyone in pimco is working for their clients, are they?

      Slick WIlly you bought PTY ! at $19.33 are you going to start an artificial bubble on that as well? hahah!! you want us to pay more then a 20% premium for abandoned your flagship poser phk fund? hahahahaha!!

      maybe you have too large a team and its time to cull the team with men that are peforming also, what a novel idea!

      DUMB F RETAIL you should be posting on the DIA messageboard to expose the underbelly of this racket, collude like they all do!!

      • 1 Reply to jforuus
      • We haven't forgotten you.

        Let us expand on the CORRUPTION and PONZI SCHEME that the ENTIRE CEF INDUSTRY is based on.

        All of those who own CEF are in a bubble manipulated sector which allows all of the fund managers to have carte blanche to STEAL from you.

        First step it to ask your broker, what does this mean?

        Second step if he does not respond back with this, FIRE HIM IMMEDIATELY and don't let him and his FEE MONGER friends collect another dime.

        This is what you ask:

        What does it mean to give the CEF a near 90 day INTEREST FREE LOAN? If you purchase CEF at sweet part of the cycle for the fund they have an underwriter clause that allows them no to have to pay you for nearly the begginning of a cycle which in some cases can be 90 to 92 days. Sounds like a ponzi scheme type structure. Keep using the money to pay distributions with others money and not pay others. Then reset the equation to take your money out before the CEF manager and BROKERS COLLUDE to drolp the pps. If you believe them to be honest, well then make sure you leave your child unattended with every clergyman you meet, sure recipe for success then.

        Next time you are at the Cornerstone, PIMCO or Gabelli (talk about a fee monger!), ask such questions!

        Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table and make sure you vote every Republican and Democrat back into office after they have failed us and think meeting a deadline is excellent work when this work should have been done years earlier.

        I am tired of them and you should be also. We should be planning a politial COUP to save our children's futures. The Rothschids didn't mind interbreeding with first and second cousins to maintain wealth what do you think these other families will not sacrifice your families for their own gain. Time to stand up and start uttering words like a POLITICAL COUP at the ballot poles.

        Share this with others else let them murder your children and grand parents futures and history.

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