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  • joenorth0328 joenorth0328 Jan 27, 2012 5:39 AM Flag

    Good corporate bonds yielding 8-12% -28% a year gain over 20 years

    Will DIA get 28% a year Albertson Bonds will get 28% a year average gain per year if interest reinvested.If held for all 19 years.I bought the 2030 8.7% Albertson Bonds at an average price of about 85 giving me over a 10% real yield. So even if they are at 85 in 19 years I still get my 10%. Going to a compounding table for 10% compounded every 6 months we get a $538.55 gain on a $100 investment or $638.55 total including a original $100 investment.If you divide $538.55 by 19 years my average gain per year would be $28.34 or 28.34% on $100. Comprende??? This is with simple compounding. Forget YTM. If you add add in $15 gain from $85 to $100 par and total is $653.55 on a $100 investment would make it slightly more than 28.34%. Forget that. Take 28.34%. Thats what I would get average for 19 years if held to maturity 2030. For you if you bought now at $95- the actual yield at $92 on 8.7% yield is only about 9.45% if you bought now.Using this 9.45% we get a $477.98 gain on $100 or $25.16 average a year or 25.16% a year. So I apologise my original figure of 24.6% a year was a little low . Now if you cant figure this out I feel sorry for you.I used simple online calculators. Will DIA get 25% a year. Hahaha Other good bonds yielding 8-10% include Cincinnati Bell,American Stores,Genworth,JC Penney liberty Media For higher yield is Alon Krotz Springs,Appleton Papers at 11-13%. My average is about 11%

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    • LOL!

      Seriously, Joe, if this was truly the incredible deal you pretend it is, why don't you keep it a big secret and "back up the truck".

      I'm sure you don't what to know what I think.

      I think you now understand just how bad this thing really is and now you want out.

      But you can't find a buyer for your thinly traded junk book of a troubled minor grocery chain.

      But don't let me stop you.

      Keep trying to create a market for it, there are, after all, bazzions of stupid people out there with more money than brains who just might bail you out in the nick of time.

      Why do you choose to post this here and not on the SVU message board?

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      • Hahaha You are back I could get out anytime I want. These are highly liquid bonds. I bet you didnt even check. The spreads are about 1%. Quite frankly I did back up the truck,and these bonds have been doing well. Genworth is up about 15% since I bought it. Cinci Bell about 10%. Albertson has been flat. Plus an average 11% interest You are a clown I dont need anyone to bail me out. I suppose I am up at least 10% in these bonds in the last 6 months. Wlile TLT gets you 3% a year. what a joke.

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