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  • jforuus jforuus Jun 4, 2012 8:56 PM Flag

    Time to march on the WHITE HOUSE

    They have taken your home. (look around your neighborhood)

    They have taken you dollar. (they keep printing and devaluing your dollar which means stealing whatever money you have saved out of your account. take it like a good boy they say!)

    They have taken your future. (your children will grow up with college degrees, in-debt most likely, unable to find a job, have their employment viciously cycled about with years of savings and the followed by job loss and depletion of savings forcing you to remain or fall further down on the socioeconomic scale, snuff your children in their beds now or prepare to march on the white house with your pens)

    In the ole days when you rustle a man's horse, they would hang you right there and then and post a sign " THIS IS WHAT WE TO DO HORSE THIEVES" on the spot what do you do for these 3 crimes? Governor Corozine...Cogwell Spencer INC CEO...Blankfein....the 4 BIG BANKS CEO could easily fall into that category.

    Do we hold all the longtime Congressmen and Senators responsible?

    They have made you into intelligent slaves. Its time to SPARTACUS them!

    Better to die free then to have you children born to this new type of slavery!

    We have a mercury rising situation.

    New York City will be Athens greedy ba2R%tards what have you done.

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    • amen

      that \is what the tea party was supposed to be for.

      You left out the CHANGE that was coming, and still coiming.

    • It never ends with them.

      Your worried about having kids born into this enviroment for various reasons stemming from economics.

      THE US GOVT AND BIG BUISNESS FINANCIAL MELTDOWN has halved your wealth by simple economics of devaluing the dollar and home price bubble.

      Meanwhile they give each other raises. Republicans and Demcocrats have orgies when the camera is turned off.

      Somebody needs to start putting a list together with names and reasons why we shouldn't have these SLIMEBAGS..running this country!!


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      • The Queensryche song!! REVOLUTION CALLING (take them out like Gandhi took out the BRITS).

        Maybe its time for us all to amass in the parking lots of all federal buildings such as US Postal buildings and start sending a message to our learders to get this house in order or we shall oust them from the house soon enough.

        Look at your kids, see what they lack and why they lack. You can can hold the REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS who are in power ACCOUNTABLE.

        Time to start writing to you children who are out there serving this country in the armed forces protecting these mens profits and power with their blood to QUESTION AUTHORITY!! The day is coming nearer and nearer when we will encompass the White House and DEMAND they stop their orgies and start actually representing the PUBLIC's BEST INTEREST.

        ELSE, lil Johnnie is going to have to eat PB&J all of his life while they dine on surf and turf. Just kick your kids in the mouth while your at it since you won't PROTECT THEM.

        Write to the White House and ask them what the F they are thinking? This isn't the baby boomer generation and WE SHALL GENEARTION X and Y YOUR F'n ESTABLISHMENT!!

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