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  • stlstk8 stlstk8 Jul 9, 2012 5:24 PM Flag

    Sharing my list of TERRIBLE MANAGEMENT

    Besides CRF, CLM, and CFP, are there other funds out there running a similar Ponzi scheme?

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    • A "legit" ponzi scheme.

      This list is and shall be ever growing is the hope I have that will "OUST" all the non-performers and send them to the salt mines or where they came from.

      Please add on and keep re-posting this thread and lets shine the truth upon the COROZINES LOST $1.2 CAPPER, INSIDER TRADING BY CONGRESS, BLANKFEINS AND MUPPET CO., AUBERY McCLENDON LET ME PLAY BOTH SIDES OF THE FIELD PERHAPS?, its all a quagmyer out there.

      You can't even trust BLOGGERS who like to fashion themselves as journalists like SEEKING ALPHA.

      We need a sherrif that is willing to carry out justice, the SEC CLEARLY is unmanned and its strings are pulled by men with titles of GOVERNOR AND SENATOR who themselves have and have always been suspectible. Jon Edwards is lucky he isn't in prison, why hasn't the DISCGRACED GOVERNOR/SENATOR COROZINE been brought upto the HILL for questions, Jamie Dimon had a monthly pass!

      Athens Greece needs to meet the REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRATIC PARTIES, we need to be liberated from these two failing regimes.

      Let stay on topic...add to the list and lets expose them all.

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