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  • jforuus jforuus Jul 24, 2012 10:10 AM Flag

    The insanity of the US GOVT and Buisness

    You are a single man.
    No kids. Earn $75K.
    You fall into the 32% bracket.


    Your neighbor is a married man.
    Both work and earn 150K ea.
    Have 3 kids.

    Their tax bracket is what much less!!

    Who uses more resources compared to the other? The single man or the family of 5? Who pays F'n more? If that doesn't just get you angry and want to slap some sense into someone let us go further.

    The single man has to be punished because you like to ejuaculate in your wife? WTF!!

    Let us go further....

    Your in buisness.

    You have a manger who makes $200K for administering.

    You have employees under him who make $100K who are the fabirc of the company.

    Does that make sense? Course not this is how they want you to be trained to think to keep thier profits maxed.

    Take the geek analyzing this email and running it thru for NSA and other agencies. Some dipchit above you who can't work a toaster is your boss and makes a ton more then the analysts who does all the work under his nose. Does it seem fair?

    A General who sits in the back, as the SEALS call it, more BARK and less BITE commanders has a much higher paygrade while the guy in the dirt being shot up at can barely afford a trailer in Florida or Oklahoma? Does it make sense?

    Give the MASTER all the credit and the SLAVE the crumbs?

    Ask yourself this how many mangers earn more then their players in baseball? Compare this to how many mangagers are you surrouned by at work that earn more then the men in the bullpen actually peforming and delegating?

    We should be all walking off our jobs and lettig such men realize the truth of who holds what value.

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