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  • jforuus jforuus Jul 24, 2012 2:44 PM Flag

    serial killers

    Why don't they ever target ONLY other criminals and almost act as a cleansing virus for humanity? Taking a large percentage of ever dollar every time I make one for ALL of my life is extreme is also, but we live with it.

    A laundary list:

    career criminals

    War criminals - Bush J.O. would fall into that but stupidity is our own for following those two and the Board of Haliburton and friends. The WMD non-sense? Seriously how many lives and families on both sides did they both destroy? for what? ego? his wooden tooth?

    Other Predators

    Poloticians that have ruined countless lives due to their own greed and swaying of policy making. Chicago poloticians. Governors that opine over crusades and get caught with hands in the cookie jars. Perhaps that is far too subjective, so let us retract that.

    Corporate white collar criminals (think Enron)lot of futures and live destroyed.

    The penny house brokers that trade amongst each other, it should be criminal.

    The CIA/US DRUG CARTEL AGENCY ask the FBI how they CIA funds their covert black-ops. Sacrifice 10 to save a 1000, correct, except your superiors have been so jaded that you are foot soldiers for their own master plan and don't have the sense to question authority.

    Instead they waste their talent on issues that do not further man kind and make the abominations of humanity.

    Just stating my opinion.

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