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  • jforuus jforuus Jul 30, 2012 11:06 AM Flag

    SEC allows investors to be molested

    The media like Seeking Alpha, Motley Fool and Daily Ticker along with countless others they just don't actually want to face the TRUTH.

    The racket they report on is a racket with pitfalls that they mask and explain away with words like, "correction", "built in" when it is nothing more then thievery going on.

    Look at NETFLIX the spin they had on it when it was going up and no one talke about it.

    Look at McDonalds and Merck they were both left for dead 18mos. ago and now?

    The financial medias have no backbone to actually reporting facts instead they are bought off, yes BOUGH OFF and if they aren't they should be asking for CASH for the PUMP/FEAR THEY PROVIDE.

    How about being a tool to clean up this racket with CEO such as the likes of Ryan Braun and Jon Corozine. Let us go further and ask the Finanical medias to be an arm to help the SEC do their job.

    The SEC needs to gain confidence by actually instilling regulations that benefit all and not just Institituions but the retail investor.

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    • I agree, ask Cramer how a phone call to different writers & analyst can get a rumor started up or down.

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      • Too bad our current President just doesn't obiterate the ills of our political system as well on one move, which he could by exposing the truth.

        How can one expect to eliminate corruption and ineffiencies if you are born from the womb of corrupution and ineffiencies named the "REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRATIC" PARTIES?

        There can't be an afterlife becuase if there was men like Cramer would FEAR it, but they carry on without conscience.

        John Holmes of the world need to start directing their anger at the institutions of the world that are the spawning grounds of such ideals instead of the individual childish banter they have learned or self taught such as racism and gender inequality.

        They would be cited as HEROES in HISTORY if not certainly in the minds of AMERICAN CITIZENS if they were able to channel their RAGE towards those who sacrifice say 12 infants for a medical study and later on buy off foriegn politcal parties for af few hunderd thousand and even less for the greiving families, HYPOTHEICALLY speaking since corporation never do such a thing and I am no uncertain words drawing a comparison to GLAXOSMITHKILE !

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